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Book Title Author Series Rating
The Watsons: Jane Austen's Fragment Continued and CompletedJane Austen and Dan Coates4 Stars
Must've Done Something GoodCheryl Cory5 Stars
The Cumberland PlateauM. K. Baxley3 Stars
From Lambton to LongbournAbigail Reynolds4 Stars
A Marriage Worth the Earning: To Have and To HoldMary SherwoodA Marriage Worth the Earning #14.5 Stars
None But YouSusan KayeFrederick Wentworth Captain #15 Stars
Murder at LongbournTracy KielyElizabeth Parker Mysteries #15 Stars
The Other Mr. DarcyMonica Fairview5 Stars
For You AloneSusan KayeFrederick Wentworth Captain #24 Stars
The Trials of the Honorable F. DarcySara Angelini5 Stars
Colonel Brandon's DiaryAmanda Grange4.5 Stars
What Jane Austen Taught Me About Love and RomanceDebra White Smith5 Stars
Lady Vernon and Her DaughterJane Rubino and Caitlin Rubino-Bradway4 Stars
North by NorthangerCarrie BebrisMr. and Mrs. Darcy Mysteries #35 Stars
Searching for PemberleyMary Simonsen4 Stars
My BFF: A Friendly RomanceRuth Phillips Oakland4.5 Stars
The Matters at MansfieldCarrie BebrisMr. and Mrs. Darcy Mysteries #44 Stars
Willoughby's ReturnJane Odiwe5 Stars
Devil's CubGeorgette Heyer5 Stars
The Secret Diaries of Charlotte BronteSyrie James5 Stars
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man in the WorldAbigail Reynolds5 Stars
Love, Lies and LizzieRosie Rushton3 Stars
Charity Envieth NotBarbara CornthwaiteGeorge Knightley Esquire #15 Stars
Confessions of a Jane Austen AddictLaurie Viera Rigler4 Stars
Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen AddictLaurie Viera Rigler4.5 Stars
Darcy and AnneJudith Brocklehurst3 Stars
EmmaJane Austen5 Stars
The MasqueradersGeorgette Heyer4 Stars
Jane Austen Ruined My LifeBeth PattilloThe Formiddables #14 Stars
Mrs. Darcy's DilemmaDiana Birchall3.5 Stars
Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave ManorStephanie BarronBeing a Jane Austen Mystery #14 Stars
Seducing Mr. DarcyGwyn Cready2 Stars
Intimations of AustenJane Greensmith4.5 Stars
Janet Bites BackMichael Thomas FordJane Fairfax #14.5 Stars
The Intrigue at HighburyCarrie BebrisMr. and Mrs. Darcy Mysteries #55 Stars
Jane EyreCharlotte Bronte5 Stars
The Private Diary of Mr. DarcyMaya Slater3 Stars
The Darcy CousinsMonica Fairview4 Stars
SanditonJane Austen and Another Lady5 Stars
The Importance of Being EmmaJuliet ArcherDarcy and Friends #15 Stars
The Apothecary's DaughterJulie Klassen3.5 Stars
ConvictionSkylar Hamilton Burris5 Stars
Romancing Miss BronteJuliet Gael4 Stars
The Compleat Mrs. EltonDiana Birchall4 Stars
Really AngelicEnid Wilson3 Stars
Captain Wentworth's PersuasionRegina Jeffers5 Stars
Sensing Jane AustenKerri Bennett Williamson4 Stars
Jane Austen's ThimbleMarianne Luban2.5 Stars
The Man Who Loved Pride and PrejudiceAbigail ReynoldsThe Woods Hole Quartet #14.5 Stars
First ImpressionsAlexa AdamsA Tale of Less Pride and Prejudice #15 Stars
Bridget Jones's DiaryHelen Fielding4 Stars
Northanger AbbeyJane Austen5 Stars
Bridget Jones: The Edge of ReasonHelen Fielding5 Stars
Mercy's Embrace: So Rough a CourseLaura HileMercy's Embrace #15 Stars
The Lost Summer of Louisa May AlcottKelly O’Connor McNees4 Stars
Brontë Country5 Stars
Writing Jane AustenElizabeth Aston3 Stars
Cassandra and JaneJill Pitkeathley4 Stars
Mercy's Embrace: So Lively a ChaceLaura HileMercy's Embrace #25 Stars
Emma BrownCharlotte Bronte, Clare Boylan3 Stars
Mr. Darcy Broke My HeartBeth Pattillo4 Stars
Dracula, My LoveSyrie James5 Stars
A Truth Universally AcknowledgedSusannah Carson4 Stars
The Sense and Sensibility Screenplay and DiariesEmma Thompson5 Stars
To Conquer Mr. DarcyAbigail Reynolds4.5 Stars
Mercy's Embrace: The Lady Must DecideLaura HileMercy's Embrace #34.5 Stars
Georgette Heyer's Regency WorldJennifer Kloester5 Stars
Anne Elliot, A New BeginningMary Simonsen4 Stars
Emma and the VampiresWayne Josephson2 Stars
Darcy's VoyageKara Louise5 Stars
Mr. Darcy's Little SisterC. Allyn Pierson4.5 Stars
Jane and the DamnedJanet Mullany4 Stars
Charlotte CollinsJennifer Becton5 Stars
Mr. Darcy's ObsessionAbigail Reynolds4.5 Stars
MasqueradeNancy Moser4 Stars
Dancing with Mr. DarcySarah Waters4 Stars
The Cookbook CollectorAllegra Goodman3 Stars
Darcy and the DuchessMary Anne Mushatt3.5 Stars
Mr. Darcy Takes the PlungeJ. Marie Croft3 Stars
Jane Austen: Christina EncountersPeter Leithart5 Stars
1932Karen Cox4.5 Stars
Bespelling Jane AustenColleen Gleason, Janet Mullany, Mary Balogh, Susan Krinard4.5 Stars
Pemberley RanchJack Caldwell5 Stars
A Darcy ChristmasAmanda Grange, Carolyn Eberhart, Sharon Lathan4 Stars
Murder on the Bride's SideTracy KielyElizabeth Parker Mysteries #24 Stars
Fire and CrossEnid Wilson3 Stars
Trifle BearingsAngela Traubel4 Stars
Young Master Darcy: A Lesson in HonorPamela Aidan5 Stars
The Strange Marriage of Miss Anne de BourghSkylar Hamilton Burris5 Stars
The Perfect Bride for Mr. DarcyMary Simonsen4 Stars
Jane and the Madness of Lord ByronStephanie BarronBeing a Jane Austen Mystery #94 Stars
Mr. Darcy's SecretJane Odiwe4 Stars
The Three Weissmann's of WestportCathleen Schine3 Stars
NocturneSyrie James5 Stars
Darcy and FitzwilliamKaren Wasylowski3.5 Stars
Jane Goes BattyMichael Thomas FordJane Fairfax #24 Stars
Jane's FameClaire Harman4 Stars
Nachtstürm CastleEmily C. A. Snyder5 Stars
Only Mr. Darcy Will DoKara Louise5 Stars
The Jane Austen HandbookMargaret C. Sullivan5 Stars
CotillionGeorgette Heyer5 Stars
What Would Mr. Darcy Do?Abigail Reynolds4 Stars
Wickham's DiaryAmanda Grange3 Stars
My Jane Austen SummerCindy Jones3.5 Stars
Northanger Abbey and Angels and DragonsVera Nazarian4 Stars
The Phantom of PemberleyRegina Jeffers4.5 Stars
Persuading AnnieMelissa Nathan4 Stars
The Truth About Mr. DarcySusan Adriani4 Stars
Tea with Jane AustenKim Wilson5 Stars
Mr. Darcy and Secret of Being a GentlemanMaria Hamilton5 Stars
Prom and PrejudiceElizabeth Eulberg4 Stars
In the Garden with Jane AustenKim Wilson5 Stars
The Dashwood Sisters Tell AllBeth PattilloThe Formiddables #35 Stars
Jane Austen: A Life RevealedCatherine Reef4 Stars
Mr. Darcy Goes OverboardBelinda Roberts2.5 Stars
MoonlightingOla Wegner4 Stars
Murder at MansfieldLynn Shepherd4 Stars
Darcy's PassionsRegina Jeffers4 Stars
According to JaneMarilyn Brant5 Stars
There Must Be MurderMargaret C. Sullivan5 Stars
A Wife for Mr. DarcyMary Simonsen4.5 Stars
A Weekend with Mr. DarcyVictoria ConnellyAusten Addicts #15 Stars
Paint and PianoKerri Bennett Williamson3 Stars
Sylvester: Or the Wicked UncleGeorgette Heyer5 Stars
Fitzwilliam Darcy Rock StarHeather Lynn Rigaud5 Stars
Murder Most PersuasiveTracy KielyElizabeth Parker Mysteries #35 Stars
Definitely Not Mr. DarcyKaren Doornebos5 Stars
Persuade MeJuliet ArcherDarcy and Friends #25 Stars
Mr. Darcy's UndoingAbigail Reynolds4.5 Stars
Sass and SerendipityJennifer Ziegler5 Stars
Mr. Darcy's BiteMary Simonsen4.5 Stars
The Unexpected Miss BennetPatrice Sarath5 Stars
Pride and PopularityJenni JamesThe Jane Austen Diaries #15 Stars
Jane and the Man of ClothStephanie BarronBeing a Jane Austen Mystery #24 Stars
Expectations of HappinessRebecca Ann Collins4.5 Stars
Jane Austen Made Me Do ItLaurel Ann Nattress5 Stars
The Darcys of PemberleyShannon Winslow4 Stars
Mr. Darcy's ProposalSusan Mason-Milks4.5 Stars
Caroline BingleyJennifer Becton5 Stars
Fitzwilliam Ebenezer DarcyBarbara Tiller Cole3.5 Stars
Christmas at PemberleyRegina Jeffers5 Stars
Pemberley CelebrationsKara Louise5 Stars
Henry Tilney's DiaryAmanda Grange5 Stars
Jane Austen's ChristmasMaria Hubert2.5 Stars
To Have His Cake (And Eat it Too)P. O. Dixon4 Stars
Dreaming of Mr. DarcyVictoria ConnellyAusten Addicts #23.5 Stars
Dear Jane AustenPatrice Hannon4.5 Stars
AustentatiousAlyssa Goodnight5 Stars
Captain Wentworth Home From the SeaMary Simonsen4.5 Stars
An Arranged MarriageJan Hahn5 Stars
A Jane Austen DevotionalSteffany Woolsey5 Stars
Lend Me LeaveBarbara CornthwaiteGeorge Knightley Esquire #25 Stars
Northanger AlibiJenni JamesThe Jane Austen Diaries #23.5 Stars
Compulsively Mr. DarcyNina Benneton5 Stars
In the Past ImperfectIsabelle Solal3 Stars
Mr. Darcy's LetterAbigail Reynolds4 Stars
His Good OpinionNancy KelleyBrides of Pemberley #13.5 Stars
The Three ColonelsJack Caldwell5 Stars
Darcy's DecisionMaria GraceGiven Good Principles #15 Stars
GuardianRobin HelmThe Guardian Trilogy #15 Stars
SoulFireRobin HelmThe Guardian Trilogy #24.5 Stars
Remembrance of the PastLory Lilian4.5 Stars
Mr. Darcy ForeverVictoria ConnellyAusten Addicts #34 Stars
The JourneyJan Hahn5 Stars
He Taught Me To HopeP. O. DixonDarcy and the Young Knight's Quest #14.5 Stars
Find Wonder in All ThingsKaren Cox5 Stars
AustenlandShannon Hale4.5 Stars
The Jane Austen Guide to Happily Ever AfterElizabeth Kantor4 Stars
Echoes of PemberleyCynthia Ingram Hensley5 Stars
Midnight in AustenlandShannon Hale5 Stars
All Roads Lead to AustenAmy Elizabeth Smith5 Stars
Still a Young ManP. O. Dixon4 Stars
ForbiddenRyan James, Syrie James3 Stars
Rainy DaysLory Lilian4.5 Stars
Miss de Bourgh's AdventureJoan Ellen Delman4.5 Stars
Mr. Darcy Takes a WifeLinda BerdollDarcy and Elizabeth #14.5 Stars
Pride and PyramidsAmanda Grange, Jacqueline Webb4 Stars
LegacyRobin HelmThe Guardian Trilogy #34.5 Stars
Lydia Bennet's StoryJane Odiwe5 Stars
The Jane Austen Guide to LifeLori Smith5 Stars
Dear Mr. DarcyAmanda Grange5 Stars
Darcy and Elizabeth: Nights and Days at PemberleyLinda BerdollDarcy and Elizabeth #23 Stars
A Summer in EuropeMarilyn Brant5 Stars
Dear Miss DarcyLaura Briggs and Sarah Burgess3 Stars
Darcy on the HudsonMary Simonsen5 Stars
Bewitched, Body and SoulP. O. Dixon3 Stars
The BeresfordsChristina Dudley5 Stars
Pulse and PrejudiceColette Saucier3.5 Stars
A Dance with Jane AustenSusannah Fullerton4.5 Stars
My Dear SophyKimberly Truesdale5 Stars
The Future Mrs. DarcyMaria GraceGiven Good Principles #25 Stars
Searching for Captain WentworthJane OdiweTime Travels with Jane Austen #15 Stars
ReflectionsLinda GonschiorReflections #14 Stars
Christmas with Mr. DarcyVictoria ConnellyAusten Addicts #44.5 Stars
Holiday ManMarilyn Brant4 Stars
The Mission: He Taught Me To Hope Christmas VignetteP. O. DixonDarcy and the Young Knight's Quest #24 Stars
One Thread PulledDiana Oaks4.5 Stars
The Missing Manuscript of Jane AustenSyrie James5 Stars
Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect MatchMarilyn BrantPerfect #14 Stars
The World of Downton AbbeyJessica Fellowes5 Stars
Austensibly OrdinaryAlyssa Goodnight4.5 Stars
A Pemberley MedleyAbigail Reynolds5 Stars
Miss Jane Austen's Guide to Modern Life's DilemmasRebecca Smith4 Stars
Falling for Mr. DarcyKaraLynne Mackrory4.5 Stars
Prada and PrejudiceMandy Hubbard3 Stars
Loving Miss DarcyNancy KelleyBrides of Pemberley #24 Stars
An Unlikely MissionarySkylar Hamilton Burris4.5 Stars
Attempting ElizabethJessica Grey4.5 Stars
Jane Austen's WorldMaggie Lane5 Stars
A Most Civil ProposalC. P. Odom4 Stars
Second GlancesAlexa AdamsA Tale of Less Pride and Prejudice #25 Stars
PersuadedJenni JamesThe Jane Austen Diaries #34 Stars
Jane Austen's Guide to ThriftKathleen Anderson and Susan Jones3.5 Stars
Return to LongbournShannon Winslow5 Stars
The Bad Miss BennetJean Burnett2 Stars
All the Appearance of GoodnessMaria GraceGiven Good Principles #34 Stars
The Tutor's DaughterJulie Klassen5 Stars
Bluebells in the MourningKaraLynne Mackrory4.5 Stars
Perfect FitLinda Wells3 Stars
All My TomorrowsColette Saucier4.5 Stars
Pride RevisitedTess Quinn4 Stars
When They Fall in LoveMary Simonsen5 Stars
Pirates and PrejudiceKara Louise5 Stars
Friday Mornings at NineMarilyn Brant4.5 Stars
Love Will GrowP. O. Dixon3.5 Stars
Mr. Darcy's Noble ConnectionsAbigail Reynolds5 Stars
Stealing the PreacherKaren WitemeyerThe Archer Brothers #25 Stars
The Ruling PassionLinda BerdollDarcy and Elizabeth #32.5 Stars
The Mysterious Death of Miss Jane AustenLindsay Ashford4.5 Stars
Memory: Lasting ImpressionsLinda WellsMemory #14.5 Stars
The Convenient MarriageGeorgette Heyer4 Stars
Mr. Darcy's PromiseJeanna Ellsworth4 Stars
Memory: Trials to BearLinda WellsMemory #23 Stars
Murder Most AustenTracy KielyElizabeth Parker Mysteries #44 Stars
Fitzwilliam Darcy Such I WasCarol Cromlin4 Stars
Morning LightAbigail ReynoldsThe Woods Hole Quartet #24.5 Stars
From This Day ForwardJoana Starnes4 Stars
Jane, ActuallyJennifer Petkus5 Stars
The Heart Does WhisperCynthia Ingram Hensley5 Stars
Happy Birthday Mr. DarcyVictoria ConnellyAusten Addicts #54 Stars
Mr. Darcy, VampyreAmanda Grange3 Stars
The Red ChrysanthemumLinda Beutler4 Stars
The Silent GovernessJulie Klassen5 Stars
Steampunk DarcyMonica Fairview3.5 Stars
At the Edge of the SeaKaren Cox5 Stars
Project DarcyJane OdiweTime Travels with Jane Austen #24 Stars
Holidays at PemberleyAlexa AdamsA Tale of Less Pride and Prejudice #34 Stars
LongbournJo Baker3 Stars
Darcy's Tale: Into HertfordshireStanley HurdDarcy's Tale #15 Stars
The Subsequent ProposalJoana Starnes5 Stars
Undressing Mr. DarcyKaren Doornebos4.5 Stars
Twelfth Night of LongbournMaria GraceGiven Good Principles #43.5 Stars
Pride and Prejudice: An Annotated AdditionJane Austen, Patricia Meyer Spacks5 Stars
Rain and RetributionL. L. Diamond4 Stars
Love at First SlightJ. Marie Croft4.5 Stars
The NaturalistChristina DudleyThe Hapgoods of Bramleigh #14.5 Stars
Alias Thomas BennetSuzan Lauder4 Stars
A Modern Day Sense and SensibilityKaitlin Saunders3.5 Stars
A Modern Day PersuasionKaitlin Saunders4 Stars
The Dancing MasterJulie Klassen4 Stars
His Uncle's FavoriteLory Lilian4 Stars
My Own Mr. DarcyKarey White5 Stars
Tree of LifeGinger Monette4.5 Stars
Accidentally YoursRobin HelmYours by Design #13.5 Stars
ConsequencesC. P. Odom4.5 Stars
Darcy's Tale: Into KentStanley HurdDarcy's Tale #25 Stars
Mr. Darcy Came to DinnerJack Caldwell4.5 Stars
The Companion of His Future LifeJack Caldwell3.5 Stars
ArtemisiaD.G. Rampton4.5 Stars
Another Place in TimeMary Simonsen4.5 Stars
The Secret BetrothalJan Hahn4 Stars
Pride and PersistenceJeanna Ellsworth4.5 Stars
Against His WillNancy KelleyBrides of Pemberley #34.5 Stars
A Matter of ChanceL. L. Diamond4 Stars
Mr. Darcy's PledgeMonica FairviewThe Darcy Novels #14.5 Stars
Dear Mr. KnightleyKatherine Reay5 Stars
A Father's SinsJ. Dawn King4 Stars
The Second ChanceJoana Starnes4.5 Stars
Ask EleanorLaura Briggs and Sarah Burgess2.5 Stars
Follies PastMelanie Kerr4.5 Stars
Emma and ElizabethAnn Mychal5 Stars
The Highbury MurdersVictoria Grossack3 Stars
Haunting Mr. DarcyKaraLynne Mackrory5 Stars
Pride, Prejudice and Cheese GritsMary Jane HathawayJane Austen Takes the South #14.5 Stars
Full Steam AheadKaren Witemeyer4.5 Stars
Mr. Darcy's RefugeAbigail Reynolds4.5 Stars
The Perfect MatchLory Lilian4.5 Stars
ArabellaGeorgette Heyer4.5 Stars
Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect BetMarilyn BrantPerfect #24 Stars
Pen and PrejudiceClaire M. Johnson4 Stars
Pride and Prejudice: The Scenes Jane Austen Never WroteThe Austen Authors Collective4.5 Stars
A Very Plain Young ManChristina DudleyThe Hapgoods of Brambleigh #25 Stars
The Persuasion of Miss Jane AustenShannon Winslow5 Stars
Dying to WriteMary SimonsenPatrick Shea Mystery #44 Stars
Jane and AustenStephanie Fowers4.5 Stars
Mansfield Park RevisitedJoan Aiken3.5 Stars
Darcy's Tale: The Way HomeStanley HurdDarcy's Tale #35 Stars
Sincerely Yours: Yours By Design, Book 2Robin HelmYours By Design #24 Stars
Jane Austen's First LoveSyrie James5 Stars
The Deception at Lyme (Or, the Peril of Persuasion)Carrie BebrisMr. and Mrs. Darcy Mysteries #64.5 Stars
Remember the PastMaria Grace3.5 Stars
To Refine Like SilverJeanna Ellsworth4.5 Stars
Goodnight Mr. DarcyKate Coombs4.5 Stars
The Madness of Mr. DarcyAlexa Adams5 Stars
The Falmouth ConnectionJoana Starnes5 Stars
The Maid of Fairbourne HallJulie Klassen4.5 Stars
Darcy's Tale: Deluxe EditionStanley Hurd5 Stars
Mr. Darcy's Christmas CalendarJane Odiwe4 Stars
Holidays With Jane: Christmas CheerCecilia Gray, Jennifer Becton, Jessica Grey, Kimberly Truesdale, Melissa Buell, Rebecca FlemingHolidays with Jane #15 Stars
Lucky 13: Matchmaking and MisunderstandingsCat Gardiner5 Stars
First ImpressionsCharlie Lovett4.5 Stars
The Annotated PersuasionDavid Shapard, Jane Austen4.5 Stars
Lizzy and JaneKatherine Reay4.5 Stars
EmmaleeJenni JamesThe Jane Austen Diaries #44 Stars
Foundation of LoveWendi SotisThe Gypsy Blessing #24.5 Stars
Mr. Darcy's ChallengeMonica FairviewThe Darcy Novels #24 Stars
At Home with Jane AustenKim Wilson5 Stars
The HouseguestElizabeth Adams4.5 Stars
Letters from the HeartRose Fairbanks4 Stars
Jane Austen Cover to CoverMargaret C. Sullivan5 Stars
The Darcy BrothersAbigail Reynolds, Cassandra Grafton, Maria Grace, Monica Fairview, Susan Mason-Milks4.5 Stars
The Secret of Pembrooke ParkJulie Klassen5 Stars
Emma, Mr. Knightley and Chili-Slaw DogsMary Jane HathawayJane Austen Takes the South #23.5 Stars
Dearest FriendsPamela Lynne4.5 Stars
Boots and BackpacksK.C. Kahler5 Stars
The Darcys of DerbyshireAbigail Reynolds4.5 Stars
The MuseJessica Evans4.5 Stars
Assumed EngagementKara Louise4 Stars
Epic FailClaire LaZebnik4.5 Stars
Love and Freindship: And Other Youthful WritingsJane Austen4.5 Stars
Young Jane AustenLisa Pliscou4.5 Stars
The Marrying TypeLaura Chapman4.5 Stars
Mister Darcy's DogsBarbara SilkstoneMister Darcy Series #13 Stars
A Peculiar ConnectionJan Hahn5 Stars
Forever YoursRobin HelmYours by Design #34 Stars
Unequal AffectionsLara S. Ormiston4.5 Stars
Holidays with Jane: Spring FeverCecilia Gray, Jennifer Becton, Jessica Grey, Kimberly Truesdale, Melissa Buell, Rebecca FlemingHolidays with Jane #25 Stars
A Visit to HighburyJoan Austen-Leigh5 Stars
Later Days at HighburyJoan Austen-Leigh4 Stars
Suddenly Mrs. DarcyJenetta James4 Stars
No Cause to RepineRose Fairbanks4 Stars
An Unwavering TrustL. L. Diamond3.5 Stars
Mr. Darcy's RivalKara Louise4.5 Stars
Fan Phenomena: Jane AustenGabrielle Malcolm4 Stars
Once Upon A Second ChanceMarian Vere4 Stars
Inspired by GraceJeanna Ellsworth4 Stars
A Constant LoveSophie TurnerConstant Love #15 Stars
Pride and ProposalsVictoria Kincaid5 Stars
While We Were Watching Downton AbbeyWendy Wax3.5 Stars
Sun-Kissed: Effusions of SummerChristina Boyd4.5 Stars
Ross PoldarkWinston GrahamThe Poldark Saga #14.5 Stars
A Noteworthy CourtshipLaura Sanchez4.5 Stars
Lady MaybeJulie Klassen4 Stars
One Love - Two Hearts - Three StoriesJ. Dawn King4 Stars
The Grand SophyGeorgette Heyer5 Stars
Miss Georgiana Darcy of PemberleyShannon WinslowThe Darcys of Pemberley #34.5 Stars
Fitzwilliam Darcy An Honorable ManBrenda J. Webb5 Stars
Denial of ConscienceCat GardinerConscience #15 Stars
Mary BennetJennifer Becton4 Stars
Pride and Prejudice: Disdain and DeceptionDenise O'Hara3 Stars
A Will of IronLinda Beutler4 Stars
Anna WestonBrenda Finn2.5 Stars
Sketching Mr. DarcyLory Lilian5 Stars
Mrs. Bennet Has Her SayJane Juska2.5 Stars
The Unthinkable TriangleJoana Starnes5 Stars
BrinshoreAnn Mychal5 Stars
Sketching CharacterPamela Lynne5 Stars
Unleashing Mr. DarcyTeri Wilson4.5 Stars
Mr. Darcy to the RescueVictoria Kincaid4 Stars
Beguiling Miss BennetCaroline Oakley, Lindsay Ashford4.5 Stars
The Trouble with FlirtingClaire LaZebnik4 Stars
A Jane Austen ChristmasCarlo DeVito3.5 Stars
Yours Forevermore, DarcyKaraLynne Mackrory4.5 Stars
A Sense of ObligationRose Fairbanks4.5 Stars
Colonel Fitzwilliam and The Countess of Sainte TouloursStanley Hurd4.5 Stars
Then Comes WinterChristina Boyd5 Stars
Emma: An Annotated EditionBharat Tandon, Jane Austen4 Stars
The Earl's ConquestL. L. Diamond5 Stars
Prejudice and PrideLynn Messina3.5 Stars
SwayMelanie Stanford5 Stars
Affections and WishesAnngela Schroeder4.5 Stars
Jane Eyre's DaughterElizabeth Newark4 Stars
Villa FortunaCat Gardiner5 Stars
Jane Austen Lives AgainJane Odiwe5 Stars
Longbourn's SongbirdBeau North5 Stars
The Painter's DaughterJulie Klassen5 Stars
The Chronicles of Downton AbbeyJessica Fellowes5 Stars
The Netherfield AffairPenelope SwanDark Darcy Series #14 Stars
You Give Love a Bad NameMarilyn BrantMirabelle Harbor Series #34 Stars
The Disappearance of Georgiana DarcyRegina Jeffers4 Stars
Angel of the CenterfoldMichaela Robertson4.5 Stars
The Black MothGeorgette Heyer4.5 Stars
Sense and SensibilitySarah PriceThe Amish Classics Series #44 Stars
Disappointed HopesCassandra GraftonA Fair Prospect #15 Stars
Darcy's DilemmaCassandra GraftonA Fair Prospect #25 Stars
Desperate MeasuresCassandra GraftonA Fair Prospect #35 Stars
UndeceivedKaren Cox4.5 Stars
The Trouble to Check HerMaria GraceThe Queen of Rosings Park #24.5 Stars
A Fine Stout LoveRenée BeyeaPride and Prejudice Petite Tales #15 Stars
Mary GreenMelanie Kerr5 Stars
On Oakham MountSophia MeredithPemberley Departures #14 Stars
Northanger AbbeyVal McDermidThe Austen Project #23 Stars
Alone with Mr. DarcyAbigail Reynolds4.5 Stars
Compromised!J. Dawn King4 Stars
Mr. Darcy's Forbidden LoveBrenda J. Webb4.5 Stars
UndercoverCat Gardiner4.5 Stars
Persuasion, Captain Wentworth, and Cracklin' CornbreadMary Jane HathawayJane Austen Takes the South #34.5 Stars
Love and FriendshipWhit Stillman4 Stars
The Forgotten SisterJennifer Paynter5 Stars
Austen's Independence DayMelissa Belle4.5 Stars
UnwillingElizabeth Adams4.5 Stars
Darcy vs. BennetVictoria Kincaid4.5 Stars
A Change of LegaciesSophie TurnerConstant Love #24.5 Stars
Hope for Mr. DarcyJeanna EllsworthHope Series Trilogy #14 Stars
Darcy By Any Other NameLaura Hile5 Stars
EdenbrookeJulianne Donaldson5 Stars
Miss Darcy's CompanionJoana Starnes5 Stars
VenetiaGeorgette Heyer5 Stars
DeborahJane Gillespie3 Stars
A Little Whimsical In His CivilitiesJ. Marie Croft5 Stars
Yes, Mr. Darcy!J. Dawn King4 Stars
The Particular Charm of Miss Jane AustenAda Bright, Cassandra Grafton5 Stars
The Lost Memoirs of Jane AustenSyrie James5 Stars
The Rainbow PromiseLory Lilian4.5 Stars
Sufficient EncouragementRose Fairbanks3.5 Stars
The Elizabeth PapersJenetta James5 Stars
Holidays with Jane: Trick or SweetCecilia Gray, Jennifer Becton, Jessica Grey, Kimberly Truesdale, Melissa Buell, Rebecca FlemingHolidays with Jane #35 Stars
Pride, Prejudice & SecretsC. P. Odom4 Stars
Chaos Comes to LongbournVictoria Kincaid4.5 Stars
A Moment ForeverCat Gardiner5 Stars
Particular IntentionsL. L. Diamond4 Stars
The Coming of Age of Elizabeth BennetCaitlin Williams5 Stars
PersuadedMisty Dawn Pulsipher4 Stars
Twilight of the AbyssCasey Childers4 Stars
Family PortraitsPamela Lynne5 Stars
The Many Lives of Fitzwilliam DarcyBeau North, Brooke West4.5 Stars
The Innkeeper of Ivy HillJulie KlassenTales from Ivy Hill #14.5 Stars
A Very Darcy ChristmasVictoria Kincaid4.5 Stars
The Annotated Northanger AbbeyDavid Shapard, Jane Austen5 Stars
A Lesson Hard LearnedWendi Sotis4.5 Stars
Darcy's Hope: Beauty From AshesGinger MonetteGreat War Romance #15 Stars
Georgiana Darcy, MatchmakerBronwen Chisholm4 Stars
A Lie Universally HiddenAnngela Schroeder4 Stars
Mr. Bennet's Dutiful DaughterJoana Starnes5 Stars
Meryton VignettesElizabeth Adams4.5 Stars
Mr. Darcy's Pride and JoyMonica FairviewThe Darcy Novels #34 Stars
Letter From RamsgateSuzan Lauder4.5 Stars
Darcy's Hope at Donwell AbbeyGinger MonetteGreat War Romance #25 Stars
For Darkness Shows the StarsDiana Peterfreund4 Stars
Guilty ConscienceCat GardinerConscience #1.54.5 Stars
Without a ConscienceCat GardinerConscience #25 Stars
The Abominable Mr. DarcyJ. Dawn King4 Stars
A Contrary WindLona Manning4.5 Stars
ArdentlyCaitlin Williams4.5 Stars
Understanding ElizabethRobin Helm3.5 Stars
The Heiress of WinterwoodSarah E. LaddWhispers on the Moors #13.5 Stars
Leap of HopeShannon WinslowCrossroads Collection #25 Stars
MistressSophie Turner5 Stars
These Old ShadesGeorgette Heyer5 Stars
The Darcys Give a BallElizabeth Newark3.5 Stars
Darcy and Elizabeth: A Promise KeptBrenda J. Webb4.5 Stars
The Jane Austen ProjectKathleen A. Flynn5 Stars
The Darcy MonologuesChristina Boyd5 Stars
Seeking MansfieldKate WatsonSeeking Mansfield #15 Stars
Holidays with Jane: Summer of LoveCecilia Gray, Jennifer Becton, Jessica Grey, Melissa Buell, Nancy Kelley, Rebecca FlemingHolidays with Jane #44.5 Stars
Mr. Darcy's Mail-Order BrideJ. Dawn King4.5 Stars
The Girl in the GatehouseJulie Klassen4.5 Stars
The Best Part of LoveA. D'Orazio5 Stars
Searching for Mr. TilneyJane Odiwe4.5 Stars
The Longbourn LettersRose Servitova5 Stars
Modern PersuasionSara Marks4 Stars
Mr. Darcy's Bad DayChristie Capps4 Stars
Master Under Good RegulationKara Louise4 Stars
Darcy's HonorVictoria Kincaid4 Stars
Love at PemberleyReina M. Williams4 Stars
A Man With FaultsLory Lilian5 Stars
Jane Austen: Her Life, Her Times, Her NovelsJanet Todd5 Stars
The Dashwood Sisters' Secrets of LoveRosie Rushton21st Century Austen #13 Stars
Courage RisesMelanie RachelCourage #14.5 Stars
Courage RequiresMelanie RachelCourage #24 Stars
Friday's ChildGeorgette Heyer4.5 Stars
Miss Darcy's BeauxEliza ShearerAusteniana #13.5 Stars
Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin FieldMelissa Nathan4 Stars
Conceit and ConcealmentAbigail Reynolds5 Stars
I Could Write a BookKaren Cox5 Stars
Darcy RevealedPenelope Swan3 Stars
Mary and the CaptainNancy Lawrence5 Stars
For PemberleyChristie Capps4.5 Stars
A Quest for Mr. DarcyCassandra Grafton5 Stars
The Goodness of MenAnngela Schroeder4 Stars
Darcy in WonderlandAlexa Adams4.5 Stars
Particular AttachmentsL. L. DiamondParticular Intentions #25 Stars
Passage-A Pemberley TaleBrenda J. Webb4.5 Stars
First and ThenEmma Mills5 Stars
Holidays with Jane: Thankful HeartsCecilia Gray, Jennifer Becton, Jessica Grey, Melissa Buell, Nancy Kelley, Rebecca FlemingHolidays with Jane #55 Stars
Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen's Rakes and Gentlemen RoguesChristina Boyd5 Stars
The Austen EscapeKatherine Reay4.5 Stars
Side by Side, ApartAnn Galvia5 Stars
Pride and Prejudice and MistletoeMelissa de la Cruz3 Stars
Surrendering the PastPamela Lynne4.5 Stars
A Very Austen ChristmasBarbara Cornthwaite, Laura Hile, Robin Helm, Wendi SotisAusten Anthologies #14.5 Stars
A Less AgreeableMaria GraceThe Queen of Rosings Park #34.5 Stars
Lies Jane Austen Told MeJulie Wright4 Stars
Sense and Sensibility: An Annotated EditionJane Austen, Patricia Meyer Spacks5 Stars
A Most Handsome GentlemanSuzan Lauder4 Stars
Mr. Darcy's Guide to PemberleyJ.B. Grantham5 Stars
A Beneficial (if Unwilling) CompromiseBronwen Chisholm4 Stars
President DarcyVictoria Kincaid5 Stars
Mansfield ParsonageKyra C. Kramer4 Stars
Holidays with Jane: Will You Be Mine?Cecilia Gray, Jennifer Becton, Jessica Grey, Melissa Buell, Nancy Kelley, Rebecca FlemingHolidays with Jane #65 Stars
Folly and ForgivenessLizzy Brandon4.5 Stars
Darcy's Race to LoveZoe BurtonPride and Prejudice and Race Cars #12.5 Stars
Georgie's RedemptionPride and Prejudice and Race Cars #23 Stars
These DreamsNicole Clarkston5 Stars
Teaching ElizaRiana Everly4.5 Stars
Uninvited GuestsJane Gillespie4 Stars
MistakenJessie Lewis5 Stars
Fair Stands the WindCatherine Lodge4.5 Stars
Love Letters from Mr. DarcyJ. Dawn King4 Stars
Chance and CircumstanceKara Louise5 Stars
Jane and Me: My Austen HeritageCaroline Jane Knight5 Stars
Brave Jane AustenLisa Pliscou5 Stars
Green CardElizabeth Adams5 Stars
Cake and CourtshipMark BrownlowMr. Bennet's Memoirs #15 Stars
The Ladies of Ivy CottageJulie KlassenTales from Ivy Hill #24.5 Stars
Ditching Mr. DarcySamantha Whitman4 Stars
Mysterious Mr. DarcyMonica Fairview4.5 Stars
A Very Merry Mix-UpJennifer Redlarczyk4 Stars
Pride and PrometheusJohn Kessel4 Stars
Love Without TimeElaine Jeremiah3.5 Stars
PresumptionJulia Barrett3.5 Stars
On Equal GroundElizabeth Adams4.5 Stars
The Ladies of Rosings ParkShannon WinslowThe Darcys of Pemberley #45 Stars
True Love Comes to DelafordVirginia Kohl3 Stars
My Mr. Darcy and Your Mr. BingleyLinda Beutler4.5 Stars
Runaway HeiressSyrie JamesDare to Defy #15 Stars
The Keeper: Mary Bennet's Extraordinary JourneyDon JacobsonThe Bennet Wardrobe #14 Stars
A Higher EducationRosalie Stanton5 Stars
All the Things I KnowAudrey Ryan4.5 Stars
BlackmooreJulianne Donaldson5 Stars
ClashMelanie Stanford4.5 Stars
Black SheepGeorgette Heyer4.5 Stars
The Girl from Summer HillJude DeverauxSummer Hill #14 Stars
Henry Fitzwilliam's WarDon Jacobson4 Stars
The Darcy LegacyJoana Starnes4.5 Stars
Proof of LoveBrenda J. Webb5 Stars
Summer of ScandalSyrie JamesDare to Defy #24.5 Stars
A Searing AcquaintanceJ. L. Ashton4.5 Stars
Modern LoveBeau North5 Stars
The Exile: Kitty Bennet and the Belle ÉpoqueDon JacobsonThe Bennet Wardrobe #24 Stars
The Events at BranxbourneCaitlin Williams5 Stars
Rational CreaturesChristina Boyd5 Stars
Friends and EnemiesJ. Dawn King4 Stars
The Best Laid Flight PlansLeigh DreyerPride in Flight #14 Stars
A Marriage of AttachmentLona Manning4.5 Stars
Jane Austen: Her Heart Did WhisperManuela Santoni3.5 Stars
Lover's KnotJenetta James4.5 Stars
The ChildJan Hahn5 Stars
Lizzy Bennet Meets the CountessDon JacobsonThe Bennet Wardrobe #34.5 Stars
A Short Period of Exquisite FelicityA. D'Orazio5 Stars
Unwrapping Mr. DarcyL. L. Diamond4.5 Stars
A Holiday to RememberJennifer Redlarczyk4 Stars
Christmas at Darcy HouseVictoria Kincaid4.5 Stars
Yuletide: A Jane Austen Inspired Collection of StoriesChristina Boyd5 Stars
Newness and WonderAlexis LynneSylvan Hills #14.5 Stars
A Jane Austen ChristmasMaria GraceA Jane Austen Regency Life #13.5 Stars
The Perfect GiftChristie Capps3.5 Stars
The Annotated Mansfield ParkDavid Shapard, Jane Austen4.5 Stars
The Unforgettable Mr. DarcyVictoria Kincaid4.5 Stars
Georgiana DarcyAlice Isakova4 Stars
Mendacity and MourningJ. L. Ashton4 Stars
A Very Austen ValentineBarbara Cornthwaite, Laura Hile, Mandy Cook, Robin Helm, Susan Kaye, Wendi SotisAusten Anthologies #24.5 Stars
Darcy's MelodyJennifer Redlarczyk4 Stars
Recognizing LoveLizzy Brandon4 Stars
UnmarriageableSoniah Kamal4.5 Stars
When Jane Got AngryVictoria Kincaid4.5 Stars
The Exile: The Countess Visits LongbournDon JacobsonThe Bennet Wardrobe # 53.5 Stars
In Good ConscienceCat GardinerConscience #35 Stars
Being Mrs. BennetAlexa Adams4.5 Stars
InspirationMaria Grace4 Stars
What Kitty Did NextCarrie Kablean4.5 Stars
A Forever Kind of LoveChristie Capps4.5 Stars
Mrs. Bates of HighburyAllie CresswellHighbury #15 Stars
The Courtship of Edward GardinerNicole Clarkston5 Stars
Be More JaneSophie Andrews4.5 Stars
Mr. Darcy's EnchantmentAbigail Reynolds5 Stars
The Other Miss BatesAllie CresswellHighbury #25 Stars
Becoming Mr. BingleySamantha Whitman4 Stars
Seasons in TimeCat Gardiner4.5 Stars
Dear JaneAllie CresswellHighbury #35 Stars
When Mary Met the ColonelVictoria Kincaid4 Stars
A Remedy Against SinChristina Morland4.5 Stars
Laura PlaceAnn MychalThe Watsons Trilogy #34 Stars
A Walk in the Meadows at Rosings ParkMary Simonsen3.5 Stars
A Season LostSophie TurnerConstant Love #34.5 Stars
ElizabethChristie Capps3.5 Stars
To Conquer PrideJennifer Altman4.5 Stars
The AssistantRiana Everly5 Stars
The Last Best Kiss4 Stars
More to LoveRobin Helm4 Stars
Darcy and DeceptionVictoria Kincaid4 Stars
Pride, Prejudice, and Other FlavorsSonali Dev5 Stars
Lessers and BettersDon Jacobson3.5 Stars
London HolidayNicole Clarkston5 Stars
The ColonelBeau North5 Stars
Jane of AustinHilary Manton Lodge4.5 Stars
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