Jun 162011

Not Really Jane Austen’s Characters, But So Very Clever!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Fanny Price? Murdered? Who would do such a thing to poor Fanny? Isn’t she just the Bertram’s shy conscientious, and dutiful niece? No. Not in this Mansfield Park retelling. The Fanny Price Lynn Shepherd’s recreates is so arrogant, scornful, and malicious that she bears little resemblance to the shy and introverted character Jane Austen created. And it isn’t that hard to believe that somebody would want to do her in!

In this alternative version on Mansfield Park, readers will find several unique twists and character alterations: Instead of being a poor and friendless relation, Fanny Price is a wealthy and parent-less heiress. Instead of being a proficient in the art of stealing hearts, Henry Crawford is a master in the art of horticulture. Instead of being mercenary and worldly, Mary Crawford is humble and compassionate. And finally, instead of being Mrs. Norris’s nephew, poor Edmund is her stepson! Sounds like quite a few personalities and situations have swapped here, doesn’t it? Continue reading »