Jun 162019

Happy weekend, friends! And Happy Father’s Day to all dads, grandads, and families celebrating!

I am so pleased to see how much love Ann Mychal’s The Watsons Trilogy received! Thank you all who stopped by to read my review of Laura Place, and share such lovely thoughts! I love that so many of you were already familiar with and a fan of the first books in this series – Emma and Elizabeth and Brinshore and that there are those of you who are now interested in seeking them out!

We need to band together and start a petition to get these books turned into a mini-series! I think that would be just brilliant!

Thank you Ann for writing such lovely stories, for offering me the chance to read and review them, and for sponsoring a wonderfully generous giveaway with my review of Laura Place! We hope you continue to write more Austen-Inspired stories! Continue reading »

Jun 052019

Hi dear friends!

I hope your June is off to a great start! I think I’m feeling very relieved for May to be over…it ended up being a little too stressful for work for me with recitals, hiring people, summer transition, etc. I’m hoping June will be much better! 🤞🏼

Amongst all the work…and stress 😩 we were able to enjoy some bits of fun.

My brother and I enjoyed a ‘sibling hike’ in glorious 80 degree weather. 🥵😉

We did an impressive 7 miles worth of hiking! (impressive for us!)😉 Continue reading »

Jun 022019

Happy weekend, friends! I have one lucky giveaway winner to announce today and then I am off to celebrate Mr. Bingley’s birthday!! 🥳 He isn’ much for birthday celebrations, but I need to celebrate this day because I’m so happy he is alive!! 🥰

Christina, thank you for writing such a beautiful and emotive story about Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth – it was fascinating to see them come together under unexpected circumstances and find their way. Also, thank you for releasing A Remedy Against Sin on paperback! 💗

My dear readers, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about this lovely book. I loved hearing from those who adore it and I am glad to hear that many others are wanting to read it for the first time!!! 😊 Continue reading »