Jun 052019

Hi dear friends!

I hope your June is off to a great start! I think I’m feeling very relieved for May to be over…it ended up being a little too stressful for work for me with recitals, hiring people, summer transition, etc. I’m hoping June will be much better! 🤞🏼

Amongst all the work…and stress 😩 we were able to enjoy some bits of fun.

My brother and I enjoyed a ‘sibling hike’ in glorious 80 degree weather. 🥵😉

We did an impressive 7 miles worth of hiking! (impressive for us!)😉 Continue reading »

Jun 022019

Happy weekend, friends! I have one lucky giveaway winner to announce today and then I am off to celebrate Mr. Bingley’s birthday!! 🥳 He isn’ much for birthday celebrations, but I need to celebrate this day because I’m so happy he is alive!! 🥰

Christina, thank you for writing such a beautiful and emotive story about Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth – it was fascinating to see them come together under unexpected circumstances and find their way. Also, thank you for releasing A Remedy Against Sin on paperback! 💗

My dear readers, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about this lovely book. I loved hearing from those who adore it and I am glad to hear that many others are wanting to read it for the first time!!! 😊 Continue reading »

May 202019

Happy Monday, friends!

Thank you to everyone for the amazing response with our recent ARC giveaway contest! I’m always so thrilled to see how many people still love paperbacks and are interested in older and/or previously owned Austenesque books! 😉

A special thank you to our dear blog friends for contributing a couple of the lovely books featured in this giveaway! Thank you so much for your generosity! 🥰

Without further ado… the randomly selected winners are…

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