~ Review Policy ~

Here are some details for any authors, publishers, and publicists interested in having a book review on Austenesque Review:

  • What I review:  This blog is devoted to the Austenesque genre.  Only books related to Jane Austen, her novels, and her characters will be considered for review.
  • What I types of Austenesque books I review:  self-published, indie published, and traditionally published.
  • When will your review be posted:  I do keep pretty busy with review requests, so expect a wait time of 2-3 months after you submit your request.  (Feel free to contact me before your book is out, if you want to reserve a spot in my review schedule that coincides with the release of your book.)
  • Will I read anything Austenesque:  The Austenesque genre is increasing, and since more and more authors are publishing books every month, I have become more selective about what I read.  I do not accept every Austenesque review request I receive.  (If you are a new author for me and this blog, I may ask for a plot synopsis and a preview of the first couple of chapters before accepting or declining your request.)
  • Are eBook and pdf requests accepted:  At this time I am NOT accepting requests to review EBOOKS or any type of digital copy, sorry.  I’m not a fan of reading on an eReader, and out of fairness to all authors, do not make any exceptions to this policy.
  • Where will the review be posted:  besides posting my reviews on Austenesque Reviews, I post all my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.
  • What type of review can you expect:  My goal is for my reviews to be objective, discerning, and informative.  I like to be specific in my reviews and highlight what I liked or didn’t like in a novel.  When you send me a book to review, expect to receive my honest opinion, whether it be positive or negative. There will be a star rating posted with my review.   The ratings used on this blog are:
    • 5 stars – Loved it! A fantastic read!
    • 4.5 stars – Loved nearly everything about it! An excellent read!
    • 4 stars – Liked it!  A great read!
    • 3.5 stars – Liked it, but there were some small aspects I wasn’t too fond of.  A good read!
    • 3 stars – Liked some of it, but there were some big aspects I wasn’t too fond of.  An okay read!
    • 2.5 stars – Didn’t like it, wouldn’t recommend it.
    • 2 stars – Really didn’t like, wouldn’t recommend it.
  • To request a review you can contact me via email @ Merry816[AT]gmail.com or fill out the form HERE.

~ Giveaway Policy ~

One of my favorite things to do on this blog is host giveaways!  If I could, I’d host one every day!  Here are some things you should know about giveaways on this blog:

  • You must claim your prize in 3 days or a new winner will be chosen.  If you leave me an email address, Facebook username, or Twitter handle I’ll be sure to let you know you won if you missed the post, but make sure you respond in a timely fashion!
  • All giveaway winners are selected randomly via Rafflecopter, Random.org, or good ole’ drawing names out of a hat.
  • There is no limit on the number of giveaways you can enter and win.  However, entrants can only enter any giveaway one time (meaning only one unique IP).  Multiple entries will be disqualified.
  • Austenesque Reviews is not responsible for any books lost in shipping or any books shipped from publishing companies and authors.

~ FTC Disclaimer ~

I do not receive any compensation for my reviews, nor do I accept review books as compensation.  I write reviews for my own pleasure and because I enjoy discussing and analyzing the books I read with others.   In my reviews I share my true thoughts and opinions of the books I read.

~ Comments Disclosure ~

When you post a comment on Austenesque Reviews you acknowledge that we will have access to personal data, mainly your name, email address and IP address, as it pertains to each particular comment.  Your personal data is stored on AR servers inside of WordPress site in a protected manner.  Your personal data is not collected with any other purpose than identifying your comments on our website.  You will not be contacted by Austenesque Reviews because of a comment you’ve posted.  Comments are moderated and any spam or inappropriate behavior will be blocked or deleted.

~ Amazon Associate Disclosure ~

Austenesque Reviews is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com.  The affiliate links may provide small compensation for us, and will enable us to do more fun things on our blog like host more giveaways!  Thank you!

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