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If you are an author, publicist, or publisher who would like a book to be reviewed on Austenesque Reviews, please feel free to contact me @ Merry816[AT] or fill out the form below.   

  • What I review:  This blog is devoted to the Austenesque genre.  Only books related to Jane Austen, her novels, and her characters will be considered for review.
  • What I types of Austenesque books I review:  self-published, indie published, and traditionally published.
  • When will your review be posted:  I do keep pretty busy with review requests, so expect a wait time of 2-3 months after you submit your request.  (Feel free to contact me before your book is out, if you want to reserve a spot in my review schedule that coincides with the release of your book.)
  • Will I read anything Austenesque:  The Austenesque genre is increasing, and since more and more authors are publishing books every month, I have become more selective about what I read.  I do not accept every Austenesque review request I receive.  (If you are a new author for me and this blog, I may ask for a plot synopsis and a preview of the first couple of chapters before accepting or declining your request.)
  • Are eBook and pdf requests accepted:  At this time I am NOT accepting requests to review EBOOKS or any type of digital copy, sorry.  I’m not a fan of reading on an eReader, and out of fairness to all authors, do not make any exceptions to this policy.
  • Where will the review be posted:  besides posting my reviews on Austenesque Reviews, I post all my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.
  • What type of review can you expect:  My goal is for my reviews to be objective, discerning, and informative.  I like to be specific in my reviews and highlight what I liked or didn’t like in a novel.  When you send me a book to review, expect to receive my honest opinion, whether it be positive or negative. There will be a star rating posted with my review.   The ratings used on this blog are:
    • 5 stars – Loved it! An excellent read!
    • 4.5 stars – Loved nearly everything about it!
    • 4 stars – Liked it!  A great read!
    • 3.5 stars – Liked it, but there were some small aspects I wasn’t too fond of.  A good read!
    • 3 stars – Liked some of it, but there were some big aspects I wasn’t too fond of.  An okay read!
    • 2.5 stars – Didn’t like it, wouldn’t recommend it.
    • 2 stars – Really didn’t like, wouldn’t recommend it.

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