Mar 202013

Elegant and Encompassing!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

In this attractive and accessible updated rerelease from Carlton Books readers will find a beautiful blend of history, analysis, and art pertaining to our beloved Jane Austen. With it’s large size, hardcover, and elegant design, this tome would look excellent either on a library shelf or displayed on a coffee table. But don’t be fooled by the slim spine and abundance of illustrations – Maggie Lane, a highly-respected author and acknowledged Austen expert, is no slouch when it comes to information and insight about Jane Austen! Through this one hundred and forty page book, Ms. Lane discusses and analyzes what is known about Jane Austen and her life, describes and explains the traditions of her world, gives a brief overview of historical events and socialdevelopments of the time period, and closes with a look at the present-day immortalization of Jane Austen through scholarly studies, script, film, and prose.

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