Dec 282011

Can Someone Do a Redo for this Please

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Mom 🙂

In between reading Austenesque Christmas novels and purchasing Austen-Inspired gifts for their loved ones, the only thing needed to complete your Janeite Christmas (besides Mr. Darcy under the tree) is discovering how our beloved authoress celebrated the Christmas season. Did she deck the halls? Exchange gifts? Sing carols? We know that over the years customs have changed and new traditions have developed, but are there any similarities between Jane Austen’s festive season and ours?

Included in this compilation are the excerpts from Jane Austen’s novels, letters, and Juvenilia in which Christmas is mentioned. Most of these are obscure references where Christmas is casually mentioned, often not providing much enlightenment of Georgian Christmas traditions. This dearth of material unfortunately makes Maria Hubert’s compilation about Jane Austen’s Christmas a brief and uninformative one. To supplement the lack of material from the Austen family, Ms. Hubert includes excerpts of poems, letters, and diary entries from poet Robert Southey and clergyman William Holland amongst others. While I did enjoy Southey’s poems, I felt Reverend Holland’s diary entries a little bit ill-fitting and uninteresting. Poor Reverend Holland seems a glum person and his diary entries reflect little joy or excitement for the holiday season. Continue reading »