Aug 152018

Hi friends! Come join us in discussing Georgette Heyer’s Black Sheep today! (even if you read it many years ago!)

I’ve recently read Black Sheep for the first time this month (in honor of my Georgette Heyer tradition)! And I thought it would be fun to not only write my usual review (which I will post tomorrow), but also hold a discussion since I know so many of you are Georgette Heyer fans! So here we go!

  • You can answer any or all of these questions!
  • Or, you can forget the questions and just share what you thought of Black Sheep.
  • OR…you can bring up some questions or topics of discussion of your own!

~ Black Sheep Discussion Questions ~

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Apr 082017

Hi readers!  I’m so very excited to be participating in Meryton Press‘s Dear Friend Event this month!  I’ve been a longtime admirer of Meryton Press and can say I honestly LOVED everything I’ve read from this lovely publishing press!

For those who may not know what I’m talking about, here is some info about the Dear Friend Event:

Mrs. Collins welcomed her friend with the liveliest pleasure, and Elizabeth was more and more satisfied with coming, when she found herself so affectionately received.” – Jane Austen

Jane Austen describes a fine friendship between Elizabeth Bennet and Charlotte Collins. One friend welcomes another with ‘the liveliest pleasure,” and the other is pleased to share in that. We at Meryton Press know from your words that you, our fans, receive our books with pleasure and affection. It makes our authors warm inside to know that. Continue reading »

Sep 252016


We’ve read the book.

Discussed, analyzed, and dissected it.

Now…we will enjoy a lovely tête-à-tête with author SYRIE JAMES!

  • The chat board is below ↓
  • We will be starting the chat at 4:00 p.m. EST
  • If you can’t join in the chat, you could visit after it takes place and read our chat transcript and add your own thoughts.
  • Feel free to continue leaving comments on any of the discussion posts in the next few days, I’ll be choosing winners for all the giveaways on October 2nd.


Today’s post is sponsored by one of our lovely donors – Lost Art Revived.  Check out their fabulous etsy shop

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