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A VERY big thank you to Leslie Diamond for making a visit to Austenesque Reviews, I loved spending more time with the Lady Matlock and how wonderful that she answered so many of our questions!  I am even more excited about reading The Earl’s Conquest next month!

Also, thank you to Leslie for her generosity in sponsoring this giveaway!

Thank you to all of you who stopped by to read Leslie’s post and share your thoughts.  We loved hearing your opinions!  Your enthusiasm is awesome! Continue reading »

Aug 142012

In case you haven’t already heard, there is this MAGNIFICENT Indie Book Festival happening August 31st – September 2nd in Decatur, Georgia!

  • The Decatur Book Festival is the LARGEST Independent book festival in the nation
  • Hosts more than 300 authors who give readings, talks, and panel discussions
  • The DBF is FREE and open to the public

And WHY am I posting about DBF on my blog today, do you ask?  It must somehow have something to Jane Austen, right?  YES!  It does!  The Atlanta Chapter of the Jane Austen Society of North America has been hard at work and are arranging a FABULOUS gathering of Austenesque authors in their tents!

Here to share more about the Decatur Book Festival and Jane Austen related events is Barbara Tiller Cole, the program chairman and author liaison.

An Unprecedented 27 Austen Inspired Authors Participate This Labor Day Weekend in Decatur, GA

It is inherent in the truth of the matter that when you name your blog Darcyholic Diversions, you must be one yourself. The subheading of my blog states that if Darcy is the problem who wants a cure. That has certainly seemed to be the truth for me since I first saw the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice in 2001 on VHS while recovering from surgery. I don’t do things by half! I take my addiction seriously and hence have a blog and an upcoming book celebrating my condition. I recently recanted the foundation of my addiction, which I today call Darcyholism. If you would like to read more about it you can visit this post!

In celebration of this addiction, I have been honored to be the program chairman and author liaison for this Labor Day Weekend’s event. September 1 and 2 in Decatur, Georgia at the Decatur Book Festival an unprecedented number of Jane Austen Inspired authors will gather in tents sponsored by the Atlanta region of the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA). Twenty-seven authors will either be there in person or participating as a remote author in the weekend events. My friend Jan Ashe is servicing as the event Chairman. Book readings and author signings will be a part of the weekend as well as a celebration of all things Austen. Three non-fiction authors will join with 24 fiction authors. Authors planning on participating include:

Abigail Reynolds, Regina Jeffers, Jack Caldwell,Maria Grace, Barbara Tiller Cole, Karen M Cox,Jennifer Petkus, William Deresiewicz, Robin Helm,Amy Cecil, Colette Saucier, Laura Dabundo, Cynthia Hensley, KaraLynne Mackrory and Pamela Aidan.

And Remote participants: Sally Smith O’Rourke, Linda Wells, Laura Hile,Shannon Winslow, Lory Lilian, Susan Mason-Milks,Amanda Grange, Sharon Lathan, Jan Hahn, Marsha Altman Lori Smith and Katie Baxley

We have a hotel room block available at the Emory Conference Center in Decatur for anyone that would like to come and attend and celebrate with us. Ask for the JASNA-Atlanta group rate. The festival events are to be held from 10 am–6:15 pm Saturday, ending with a main stage panel discussion with three of our authors attending the event: Abigail Reynolds, Regina Jeffers and William Deresewicz. Sunday’s schedule is from 12-6. There were also be social events in the evenings for any Jane Austen inspired fanatics who let us know that they are planning on attending ahead of time.

For more information, continue to refer to the DBF link on Darcyholic Diversions.

Oh. My. Goodness.  Doesn’t it sound wonderful?  And since Decatur, Georgia is only about a seven hour drive from Wilmington, North Carolina I am going to make the drive down!  I am beside myself with excitement!  To see so many of my favorite authors, listen to them speak, and actually meet some of them?  Wow!  What an amazing opportunity, right?

I’m also super excited because I will meet (for the first time!) Jakki Leatherberry and Angie Kroll, my brilliant and creative friends who are helping me pull-off Austenesque Extravaganza this year!  Having only talked to them via phone, email, text, and skype, it will be such a special treat to meet them in person and give them a hug!

Are any of YOU making the drive? (If you live in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, or Tennessee you should definitely consider it!) If so, I would love to meet you!  Let me know in the comment section and maybe we can try and meet up!