Oct 012014

Jane and AustenA Romantic Comedy of Errors

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy for Author

Is it dangerous to believe in for storybook romances and happily ever afters?

Jane, an event coordinator at North Abbey, a charming resort in Southern California, is a hopeless romantic who is still waiting for her storybook romance to happen. For awhile she thought her co-worker Austen would become the real-life hero of her dreams. But when he leaves to take a new job in Boston and does not leave with a romantic declaration of love in the rain, Jane realizes, quite painfully, that his regard for her was in no way equal to hers for him.

Eighth months later Austen returns, just as Jane’s biggest and most elaborate event is about take place. Taylor Weston, Jane’s closest friend and mentor is about to marry Chuck Bigley, a man she met through an online dating site called “Em’s Matchmakers.” And they are celebrating in style with a weeklong extravaganza that has Jane up to her eyeballs with work, preparation, and bridezilla drama. Through this event Jane and Austen are often thrown together and they can’t help but constantly debate with and antagonize each other. But when both characters start to feel like their own lives are playing out like a romantic novel, they put their differences aside and try to survive this baffling and turbulent week. Continue reading »