Feb 132015

Jane Austen Cover to CoverA History of Jane Austen In Print!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

There are probably more than a few instances in every reader’s life when they have been induced to pick up or click on a book due to its outward appearance. When choosing cover, authors and publishers put a lot of thought into the audience they are trying to appeal to and often take great effort to package their book to attract and entice readers. Having been first published over two hundred years, Jane Austen’s books have seen many editions, reprints, and yes, lots of different and diverse covers. In this colorful and comprehensive compilation, author Margaret C. Sullivan takes readers on a visual journey of the many editions and covers that have housed the wonderful works written by Jane Austen.

This outstanding compilation is a true gem filled with beauty, information, and wit! I loved how these books were grouped and organized into separate chapters. These six chapters travel in chronological order beginning with the first editions published by Thomas Egerton and ending with a chapter devoted to the many different translated editions of Jane Austen works. There are large and lavish images of each cover with informative subsets and relevant Jane Austen quotes interspersed in between. All of which enhanced the interesting information and presented it in a stylish and tasteful way. Continue reading »

Jul 052011

A Charming Misadventure for Henry and Catherine Tilney!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

One night, while fondly reminiscing over their first encounter in Bath, the newly married Catherine and Henry Tilney decide that they would like nothing more than to revisit the famous spa resort and enjoy its pleasures as a married couple. The romantic and nostalgic pair arrive Bath without encountering any “robbers nor tempests,” yet are surprised to discover that Henry’s father and sister have traveled to Bath as well. Looks like this trip will be more of a family reunion than a romantic rendezvous! While the Tilneys are delighted to encounter Eleanor and her affable husband, Lord Whiting, the same can not be said for General Tilney, who is still as truculent and stern as ever.

What brings the general to Bath? Not his health, this time. It seems after being a widower for ten years, the general is once again contemplating marriage. Who’s the lucky lady? The recently widowed and supposedly wealthy Lady Beauclerk. Because of Eleanor’s and Henry’s concern for their father and disapproval in his choice of wife, the Tilneys and the Whitings keep close company with Lady Beauclerk and her clan. To Catherine, the Beauclerks seem a mysterious and scandalous bunch, and after spending some time with Lady Beauclerk’s flirtatious daughter, immoral nephew, and melodramatic sister-in-law, Catherine begins to suspect that there are several skeletons in their closet! Continue reading »

Mar 162011

A Heroine’s Guide for Surviving Life in a Regency Novel

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Imagine that you were Amanda Price from Lost in Austen or Courtney Stone from Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict and you found yourself inexplicably transported to the time period of Jane Austen’s novels. Would you be able to pass yourself off as a Regency heroine? Or would your ignorance of Regency manners and mores leave you to be a scorned and shunned outcast? Would you know the proper way to decline an unwanted marriage proposal or how to indicate interest in a gentleman without seeming forward?

Best to be prepared for these sorts of things, you never know when you might wake up and find yourself in the pages of an Austen novel!

Even if you are not anticipating an excursion to Regency England, you’ve probably come across a behavior or custom in Jane Austen’s novels that you’d like better explained. The answers to many of your queries can be found in The Jane Austen Handbook by Margaret C. Sullivan. The Jane Austen Handbook is an inviting and enlightening handbook that includes gorgeous supplementary illustrations by Kathryn Rathke and an attractive burgundy-colored print and theme. In this volume, Ms. Sullivan expounds upon many aspects of Regency life, such as: transportation, servants, writing letters, card games, and types of dances. In addition, the organization and simplicity of this book makes it very accessible and user-friendly.If only Amanda Price or Courtney Stone had such a tool at their disposal!

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