Oct 262015

BrinshoreClever, Enchanting, and Beautifully-Crafted!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

(Note: Potential readers should be made aware that this novel is a sequel to Emma and Elizabeth, and while it is standalone, more pleasure may be derived from reading Emma and Elizabeth prior to this work.)

In her second Austen-inspired novel, Ann Mychal brings us back again – twenty years later – to the dear friends we encountered and fell in love with before in her brilliant continuation of The WatsonsEmma and Elizabeth. In Brinshore, we find these two devoted sisters happy in their respective marriages and enjoying their roles as mothers and wives. Both Emma and Elizabeth have nineteen-year-old daughters, and both daughters are granted the splendid opportunity to spend their summer with their Aunt Harding at her new home she purchased in the incomparable seaside town of Brinshore! Continue reading »

Jul 072014

Emma and ElizabethA Compelling and Captivating Rendition of The Watsons

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Upon seeing the title of this book you might first assume that it is a fascinating and brilliant mash-up of Emma and Pride and Prejudice, and while you are correct about the story being both fascinating and brilliant, the heroines of this tale are not Emma Woodhouse and Elizabeth Bennet; they are the youngest and eldest Watson sisters, Emma and Elizabeth – characters from Jane Austen’s unfinished and abandoned fragment known as The Watsons. Instead of writing about any Bennets, Elliots, or Austens, author Ann Mychal makes her Austenesque debut with a novel that tells the story of the recently reunited Watson sisters and their lives in Stanton, a quiet village in Surrey.

I applaud and admire Ann Mychal’s approach to The Watsons, I love how she started the story with her own words and perspective rather than utilize Jane Austen’s 17000 word fragment in its entirety. Ms. Mychal does use quotes and bits of dialogue from Jane Austen’s manuscript, and she also begins with the same premise and most of the characters Jane Austen created, but she makes this story her own by not following what, according to Cassandra Austen, was Jane Austen’s intent with these characters. And by doing so, Emma and Elizabeth is different from all the other continuations for The Watsons in outcome – one I found infinitely more satisfying! Continue reading »