Oct 172011

Trust Me, This Serious and Socially Awkward Heroine Will Win Your Heart

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

Have you ever given thought to what Longbourn was like after Jane and Elizabeth left? Have you ever wondered how Mary and Kitty got on with each other? Do you think with three daughters married – two of them very well established – Mrs. Bennet’s nerves have settled a little? (nah!)

Where most Pride and Prejudice sequels focus on Darcy, Elizabeth, Georgiana, and Colonel Fitzwilliam, The Unexpected Miss Bennet – an absorbing and inviting sequel by Patrice Sarath – uniquely follows the oft forgotten and little loved Mary Bennet and tells the story of her life at Longbourn post-Pride and Prejudice. Because poor Mary does not flirt, dance, or have beaus, it is assumed by her family that she has no interest in matrimony and most likely will never marry. Because of Jane and Elizabeth’s successful matches, Mrs. Bennet is really not that worried about finding Mary a match. In fact she is quite content with the idea of Mary remaining at home and becoming a spinster.

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