Nov 182015

Beguiling Miss BennetInsightful and Intriguing Tales Inspired by Jane Austen and Her Characters!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

OVERVIEW: This is the third collection of winning entries from the Jane Austen Short Story Competition hosted by Chawton House Library. The first two collections are Dancing with Mr. Darcy (2010) and Wooing Mr. Wickham (2011). All three collections include an introduction, foreward, and biographies of each contributor and editor. Each collection contains twenty short stories, and the stories in this collection are inspired by minor characters and Jane Austen’s lesser known works, to my pleasure and delight! The stories range from five to nine pages in length and are about an equal mixture of Regency and modern-day settings. These vignettes range from sequels, prequels, and alternate point-of-view scenes to contemporary retellings and abstract reinterpretations. Continue reading »

Aug 092013

The Mysterious Death of Miss Jane AustenThe Untold Secrets of the Austen Family 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Illicit liaisons, illegitimate children, sinister murders, scandalous secrets – things you would never associate with the Austen family, right? Can you imagine the quiet, country family from Hampshire embroiled with secrets of adultery and murder? Could you give any credence to the theory that Jane Austen’s death was not from natural causes?

Our protagonist, Anne Sharp, can! Twenty-six years after Jane Austen’s death, Anne (former governess to Fanny Knight) sends a lock of Jane’s hair to be scientifically examined. When the results show an abnormally high amount of arsenic in Jane Austen’s person at the time of her death, Anne must decide whether or not she wants to investigate the matter further. Should she share the private memoir she recorded of Jane Austen and their friendship? Should she expose the deep and dark secrets of the Austen family? Should she expose her own secrets? Continue reading »