Aug 022017

Not My Favorite YA Austenesque

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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The Dashwood sisters are having a bad year – first their dad divorces their mom (leaving her broken-hearted) and marries another woman, Pandora (a self-absorbed nightmare that spends their dad’s money and makes him change everything about himself). Then, their dad suddenly and tragically passes away from a stress-induced heart attack. But that isn’t all…Mr. Dashwood was stressed because of some heavy financial losses, and now all he left his family with are his debts. Due to the legalities of their father’s will and recent business transactions the Dashwood sisters are forced to leave their ancestral home, school, and friends to relocate to an available cottage far from all they knew and loved.

But the sisters have some distractions in the love department to help them cope with these new changes. Ellie, who is never really one to have crushes, finds herself drawn to her step-mom’s artsy and kind nephew, Blake (Edward). Abby seems to have caught the eye of two guys in her new village and finds herself in a bit of a double love triangle. And although Georgie would much rather go on thrilling adventures and ride her skateboard, she finds that having boys interested in her as a girl may not be so bad after all… Continue reading »

Jan 102010

An Upbeat and Updated Version of Pride and Prejudice for YA Readers

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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If you have not yet come across this series “Jane Austen in the 21st Century,” by Rosie Rushton, it is a collection of updated versions of Jane Austen’s novels geared towards the young adult audience. This is the fourth book in the series, yet it is the first one I read. Rosie Rushton started this series in 2005 with The Dashwood Sisters’ Secret of Love(Sense and Sensibility), in 2007Summer of Secrets (Northanger Abbey) was published, 2008 saw the publishing of Secret Schemes, Daring Dreams (Emma), Love, Lies, and Lizzie (Pride and Prejudice) was published in 2009, and due to come out in 2010 is Echoes of Love (Persuasion).

In Love, Lies, and Lizzie the Bennet’s have just inherited a fortune that allows Mrs. Bennet to finally purchase her dream house in Longbourn Oakes. She is anxious to live amongst the upper set and is delighted when neighbor, Mrs. Vanessa Bingley befriends her and invites the Bennets to an outdoor party. It is at this party that the Bennet girls meet Charlie and Caroline Bingley and their friend James Darcy. Charlie and Jane of course hit off right away, and as expected Lizzie overhears an unflattering remark about herself from James Darcy. From there the story follows many of the parallels of Pride and Prejudice: their father’s godson, Drew Collins, comes to stay with them for three weeks, Lizzie meets and falls for a sexy and charming George Wickham, the Bingleys and Darcy abruptly depart from Longbourn Oakes without saying goodbye… Continue reading »