Sep 032014

Pride and Prejudice- The Scenes Jane Austen Never Wrote160+ Vignettes That Take Place During the Course of Pride and Prejudice

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author


In this massive compilation twenty-two skilled authors with a fervent devotion to Jane Austen collaborate to give readers an anthology filled with imaginative snapshots and scenes to accompany Pride and Prejudice. This comprehensive tome is filled with over 160 short stories (ranging 2-10 pages in length) that illustrate intriguing sub plots, conversations that didn’t take place on page in Pride and Prejudice, and retellings of famous scenes from a variety of diverse point-of-views. While many of these vignettes still center upon Darcy and Elizabeth, there were others that held the spotlight over other characters like Charlotte Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. Hurst, and Mr. Denny.


I read this compilation over the course of four months and rather than read all the stories straight through in succession, I chose to pick up this anthology in between other reads. Sometimes I’d read just a handful of stories, other times I’d read a hefty chunk of 100-150 pages (which could be anywhere between 15-30 stories total). I greatly enjoyed reading the compilation this way. The stories were self-contained, satisfying little morsels – wonderful glimpses of the characters, events, and life we all love to immerse ourselves in. ┬áSome stories had an underlying thread or connection with each other which I thoroughly enjoyed. Continue reading »