May 272011

A Marvelous Biography for Young Adult Readers

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source:  Amazon Vine

With teen novels such as Prom and Prejudice, Scones and Sensibility, and I Was Jane Austen’s Best Friend, it would seem that Jane Austen has recently become more popular in the Young Adult genre. The authors of these aforementioned novels often state that their intention for writing these types of novels is to hopefully inspire many young readers to crack open the spine of their first Jane Austen novel and discover the brilliance of her writing for themselves. (Yes! I dearly hope this happens!) But what if these young readers, after enjoying their first Austen novel, wanted to learn more about the famous spinster author? Are there any Jane Austen biographies geared towards teens?

Thanks to Catherine Reef, one has just been released! Jane Austen: A Life Revealed is an educational and accessible biography of Jane Austen’s life and works. Encompassing Jane Austen’s childhood, family, writing, and success – Ms. Reef’s biography is thorough yet compact. Jane Austen: A Life Revealed is divided into nine chapters, includes over fifty images, and is around one hundred and eighty pages in length. I enjoyed the distinct division of chapters and the inclusion of photographs, Regency illustrations, cartoons, and movie stills. I’m sure these visuals that appear on almost every other page will enhance many young readers’ interest in this biography. In addition, as someone who has read a few Jane Austen biographies, I appreciated Ms. Reef’s accuracy and extensive research. Continue reading »