Jun 082011

Suspenseful, Dramatic, and Romantic

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Paperbackswap

While at Netherfield, tending her sister Jane, Elizabeth encounters a large, black, yet friendly dog – well, he really looks more like a wolf than a dog. Elizabeth spends much time petting, playing with, and talking to this docile creature. He is very intelligent and seems to understand what she says. Although Elizabeth is delighted with her new friend she can’t help but wonder: Where did he come from? What type of dog is he? To whom does he belong?

Elizabeth soon learns that her canine friend belongs to none other than Mr. Darcy, a man she despises. What she doesn’t learn is that Mr. Darcy is a werewolf, and the dog that she is so fond of is actually Mr. Darcy in his lupine form!

In this exhilarating paranormal Pride and Prejudice retelling our brooding and reserved Mr. Darcy, is a werewolf (part werewolf actually, his mother was human). He is the Alpha Male and the leader of his pack located in Cumbria, a county just a few miles south of Scotland. Even though Mr. Darcy knows that he is in love with Elizabeth Bennet, he stays away because according to the laws of the pack, Darcy cannot reveal that he is a werewolf until after Elizabeth marries him. Fraught with apprehension and yearning Darcy must decide if he can purposely deceive the woman he loves. Will Elizabeth agree to be his wife? Will she forgive him once she learns his secret? Will she be happy in the isolated and cold estate of Pemberley surrounded by a pack of werewolves? Continue reading »