Apr 222015

TMTeBook2Jane Austen + Wedding-Themed Reality TV…Could This Be Anymore Awesome?!?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Modern-day Adaptation of Persuasion

SETTING: Charleston, South Carolina wedding season (April through September)

MAIN CHARACTERS: Elliot Lynch (wedding planner/soon-to-be reality TV star), Eric Warner (bachelor billionaire and creator of an ├╝ber-successful web app), Sadie Warner (Eric’s sister and bride-to-be), Marissa (cousin to Elliot and producer of The Marrying Type reality TV show), Heloise (sister-in-law to Marissa and bridesmaid to Sadie), Smyth (Elliot’s long-time college friend)

SYNOPSIS: While preparing to take over the family business for her soon-to-be-retiring father, Elliot Lynch discovers the terrible but true financial status of Engagements, their wedding and event planning business… The fact that their family home is mortgaged and they haven’t made any payments in months prompts Elliot to agree to be on a wedding planner themed reality show produced by her cousin Marissa. If Elliot thought having cameras following her around while she put out fires and handled wedding drama would be the biggest challenge of her summer, she was wrong… A big and important client has just asked for help planning their wedding, but the problem with this client is Elliot has a past relationship with the bride’s brother. A past relationship that ended with her breaking his heart more than eight years ago… Continue reading »