Mar 252016

Angel of the CenterfoldDeception and Discovery

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

By day he is Charles Bampfjord III, socialite and philanthropist, by night he is Chance Bly, a fashion photographer who specializes in spreads that appear in men’s magazines. While looking for a new model to work with, Chance meets a beauty at a Manhattan dance club and…in true Bingley fashion is immediately captivated. ┬áJennie Blackwell (Chance’s beauty) is tired of always being good and perfect and decides to live it up a little and accepts the attentions of the┬ámysterious and sexy Chance Bly. Adopting the name and alter-ego Ariel De Mer, Jennie decides to keep her true identity secret and embraces the fun of being a sexy and anonymous siren. But what happens when alter-egos and real life collide? Just watch, as this dangerous game of secrets begins to unravel… Continue reading »