Sep 092010

The Style of Jane Austen in the Realm of Georgette Heyer

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Georgiana Darcy, at the tender young age of sixteen, is preparing for a very momentous time in her life as her debut into society and first London Season are only a few months away. This would be a daunting enough experience for any young lady, but for the nervous, motherless, and shy Georgiana it is an insurmountable ordeal. Due to the stress and anxiety she is experiencing, Georgiana occasionally looses her equanimity and lashes out with a sharp tongue. The victim of Georgiana’s snippety remarks is usually her affable and lighthearted cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, especially when he has the misfortune to quiz her about her admirers!

Alas, do not fear that Georgiana has departed from Jane Austen’s sweet and amiable mold, she is merely suffering from growing pains. Georgiana is worried about being liked, wanting to be treated as an adult, and despising anyone who still treats her as a child. Sounds like any typical teenager, doesn’t it? To help Georgiana prepare for the rigors of her first London season is her aunt, Lady Whitwell, and her new sister-in-law Elizabeth Darcy. Lady Whitwell is kind, efficient, and most elegant; she helps Georgiana practice her court curtsy and prepare her wardrobe. Elizabeth Darcy, while not so experienced in the customs of London society, assists Georgiana by practicing small talk and polite conversation. In addition, she serves as Georgiana’s confidante and helps her capture a certain gentleman’s heart. The relationship between Georgiana and Elizabeth is affectionate, endearing, and exactly what Jane Austen intended, in my humble opinion. Continue reading »