Jun 012012

Solving a Mystery or Playing a Romance – Which Would You Choose?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Even a year after her divorce, Charlotte Kinder still feels inadequate, numb, and culpable. With a cheating ex-husband who’s marrying his mistress and two children that take her for granted, Charlotte realizes it’s time do something special for herself, something to get her out of her post-divorce funk, something to help her escape… Charlotte decides to indulge in an Austenland holiday – complete with corsets, cravats, and Miss Charming – that’s right Miss Charming returns in this novel, “what-what?”

To be within the gates of Pembrook Park once again – what a glorious delight! And to see so many familiar faces – the flirtatious Colonel Andrews, fussy Mrs. Wattlesbrook, and the life of any party, Miss Charming – was an unexpected surprise. For those of you who have not yet read Austenland, it is about one woman’s (Jane Hayes) experience in Pembrook Park, a country estate in Kent, where guests get to “experience” living in 1816. With actors, costumes, proper etiquette, and a private ball – this vacation is any Janeite’s dream come true! (Note: These novels can be read out of order, but I’d recommend reading Austenland first – if you haven’t done so already!) Continue reading »

May 182012

Will the Reality of Mr. Darcy Live Up to the Fantasy?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Purchased

Jane Hayes is on a mission to disband, disillusion, and disconnect herself from Mr. Darcy. Poor Jane has suffered through a string of unsuccessful relationships, and perhaps her obsession with Mr. Darcy is the reason she isn’t finding the real love she craves. When Jane inherits a three week, all-expenses paid holiday to Pembrook Park, England, she decides to use this opportunity to say adieu to her Mr. Darcy infatuation forever.

Pembrook Park is a country estate in Kent, where guests get to “experience” living in 1816. Mrs. Wattlesbrook and her team of actors and servants are ready to play their parts so clients are able to live out their Regency-inspired fantasies. After a couple days of formal manners, playacting, and pretend, Jane is finding herself unfulfilled and desiring something more real than this land of fiction and pretense. Is the reality of Mr. Darcy not living up to Jane’s fantasy? Will she finally break free from her Darcy obsession? Can she find real love? Continue reading »