May 042011

The Courtship of Elizabeth Bennet

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

What if Mr. Darcy, feeling intense despair and heartache over Elizabeth’s unceremonious refusal, focused all his energy on repairing the damage he caused to Bingley’s relationship with Jane Bennet? Darcy, realizing he was wrong, knows he must now do what is right, otherwise Elizabeth’s poor opinion of him will be validated. However, reuniting Bingley with Jane Bennet, means Darcy must return to Meryton and once again encounter Elizabeth Bennet! Unfortunately, Darcy is unsuccessful in persuading Bingley to join him and must travel to Meryton alone. While trying to determine Jane’s feelings towards Bingley, Darcy pays her some attention and the whole town mistakenly assumes that he intends to marry her! The rumors reach the ears of Lady Catherine, who takes it upon herself to travel to Longbourn and demand an interview with, no, not Elizabeth Bennet, but Jane Bennet!

In her debut novel, Mr. Darcy and the Secret of Becoming a Gentleman, author Maria Hamilton, shows her readers what would happen if Darcy were to return to Elizabeth’s life a lot sooner. Would Elizabeth despise him more? Appreciate his efforts of her sister’s behalf? Would she regret her decision? Her words? How long does it take for Darcy to earn Elizabeth’s forgiveness? Her respect? Her love? In this splendid and wonderfully well-crafted variation we witness Darcy’s tentative yet indefatigable courtship of Elizabeth Bennet. “Fasten your seatbelts! Continue reading »