Mar 302015

The MusePride and Pas de Deux

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

It is a new and exciting season at Ballet Theater of New York – Elizabeth Bennet is starting out in her newly acquired position as a corps de ballet dancer, her sister Jane Bennet is in a budding relationship with the Associate Artistic Director of BTNY Charles Bingley, and the famed prodigal son of BTNY, William Darcy, is returning this season to choreograph a new ballet. While happy to be cast in the illustrious William Darcy’s ballet, Elizabeth Bennet bristles at his practice of barking corrections at her and his cold and callous treatment to all of the dancers in general.

And at first glance, William Darcy notices everything that is technically wrong with Elizabeth Bennet – her height, her curves, her bad habits in regards to hip alignment and heels, yet he soon finds himself captivated by her passionate and expressive movements. Can William Darcy maintain his distance and “self-imposed hands-off policy” when the impertinent and defiant Elizabeth Bennet starts inspiring his choreography and invading his thoughts??? Continue reading »