Mar 032012

Thought-Provoking and True

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

In her modern-day retelling of Persuasion, author Isabelle Solal takes readers on a sojourn from London, England to Paris, France, to a Mediterranean villa in the south of France, as her heroine, Alina Marin (Anne Elliot), strives to figure out how to fix her life. As a confident and intelligent attorney, Alina’s career is everything. Nothing is more important than her success and her ambition to make partner at her firm. Even a great love affair cannot withstand her drive to succeed. But Alina’s confidence and drive is severely shaken when one of her important clients just inexplicably discards her. Will she ever be able to make partner? Is the sacrifice of working eighty hours a week worth the lack of family and friendships? Is she making the right choices in her life? Is she happy?

Due to a nervous breakdown/panic attack Alina is granted a six-month leave of absence from work. Helping the despondent and lost Alina cope with her exhaustion, depression, and confusion is her work colleague, Rachel (Lady Russell) and her younger sister, Margot (Mary Musgrove). Yes, believe it or not, the Mary Musgrove character in this book does not suffer from imaginary complaints and is in fact a caring and devoted sister! Continue reading »