Jan 082011

A Prequel Novella to Pride and Prejudice

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

After surviving his first term at Eton, thirteen year-old Fitzwilliam Darcy is all excitement and eagerness to be returning home for the holidays. Young Master Darcy fully intends to spend his holiday season in good cheer, cavorting with his cousins, doting on his two year-old sister, and enjoying some Darcy family Christmas traditions. However, due to his mother’s recently diagnosed and serious illness, Darcy’s plans for merriment and mischief may have to be put on hold this year…

Because of the oppressive grief and tension that surrounds Pemberley this Christmas, Master Darcy takes to riding his horse into the village of Lambton each morning. One morning, he happens upon a local mummers* troupe working on a play, and decides to befriend them and provide some much needed lessons in sword-fighting. Master Darcy soon finds a comfortable camaraderie with the troupe and ends up taking a part in their play! Are these suitable companions for the heir of Pemberley? Will his parents approve of his playacting in public? How will he manage to participate in a play when he is suppose to be sitting in church with his family?

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