Nov 012012

Miss Austen, Will You Please Honor Me with this Next Dance?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

Fine white muslin, warm negus, dainty slippers, dancing masters – oh how I wished I lived in a time where towns had assembly balls, couples danced in figures, and young men considered “a country dance as an emblem of marriage!” Jane Austen was so fortunate to live during this age of dancing, elegance, and assemblies; and we know from her novels and letters that she was extremely fond of dancing and balls.

Similar to Tea with Jane Austen and In the Garden with Jane Austen, which are both by Kim Wilson, publisher Frances Lincoln release another exquisite, entertaining, and educational illustrated hardcover book about Jane Austen. Just like the previous two books, A Dance with Jane Austen is well-researched, organized, and visually appealing. With twelve divided chapters, this book covers topics such as: learning to dance, getting ready for a ball, ballroom etiquette, suppers, musicians, and ballroom conversation. There is even a slim chapter titled, “Dance in Jane Austen films,” which I greatly appreciated since Jane Austen films provide brilliant and oftentimes very accurate visuals of Regency balls. I wish this chapter was extended a little bit more though, it was only three pages. Continue reading »