Jun 142010

An Anti-Austen Addict Finds Jane Austen

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Source: Giveaway Win

Georgina Jackson, feeling a mixture of apprehension and dread, makes her way down to her literary agent’s office, wondering what it is her agent wants to see her for. It probably has nothing to do with her first novel from two years ago, which received raved reviews from critics but was not a big seller, and most likely isn’t about her second book, in which Georgina is unable to write beyond the first chapter. What could her churlish agent want with her?

Georgina soon learns the reason she has been summoned: she has received a commission to complete a recently discovered fragment of novel for a famous author. While this sounds like a fantastic professional opportunity and an answer to Georgina’s financial problems, she cannot accept this assignment. Why? Because the famous author she is suppose to imitate and complete the fragment for is none other than Jane Austen!

The novels of Jane Austen and Georgina Jackson are as different as night and day. Georgina writes dark and tragic novels, filled with misfortunes and misery, and Jane Austen writes (in Georgina’s opinion) “about young women falling in love and getting husbands.” Or at least that’s what she believes she writes, since Georgina has yet to read a Jane Austen novel. Gasp! Continue reading »