Jun 082012

¡Bienvenida a Latino América, Señorita Austen!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

One Author. Three Novels. Six Countries.

The Mission: To determine if Jane Austen resonates the same in different cultures. Is she as universally accessible as she is timeless?

The Time Assigned to Complete Mission: One year

The Candidate: Professor Amy Elizabeth Smith from the University of the Pacific. Age – 42. Single. Ardent Janeite.

In her honest, humorous, and inspiring travel memoir Amy Elizabeth Smith brings readers to six diverse and vibrant countries – Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Chile and Argentina. In each country, Ms. Smith scouts out the local book haunts, sets up a group read of a Jane Austen novel, and submerges herself in Latin America literature. The reading groups are comprised of five or six friends, friends-of-a-friend, poets, teachers, and booksellers that agree to read and discuss a Jane Austen novel in Spanish. When these groups meet, they discuss everything from the plot and characters, to the Jane Austen’s marital status and popularity, to how Jane Austen’s novels compare with their society and culture. Continue reading »