Jul 172010

How Do We Love Jane Austen? Let Us Count the Ways…

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This review may be a little unorthodox, but with an anthology of thirty-three essays, I’m finding it a little challenging to not be too specific or too general.

A Truth Universally Acknowledged is a collection of essays from literary scholars, contemporary authors, literature professors, critics, novelists, playwrights, and academics, to name a few. Some of these writers are men and others are women, some are at the beginning of their career and others are at their apex, some lived during the nineteenth century while others are alive during the twenty-first century. In their individual essays each writer ponders, analyzes, evaluates, explains or enumerates the reasons why they read, reread, and admire the novels Jane Austen. Some do it very formally with a lot of academic jargon while others casually praise, celebrate, or defend their love for Jane Austen. The essays range from three pages to thirteen pages in length and cover all six of Jane Austen’s major novels including several of her minor works as well. Continue reading »