Mar 072014

My Own Mr. DarcyMr. Darcy – Dream vs. Reality?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Mom 🙂

Elizabeth Barrett is on a search for her own Mr. Darcy. Every time she meets a guy, she instantly decides whether or not he is Mr. Darcy material. If a guy doesn’t fit her predetermined “type,” she dismisses him as a possible future mate and moves on. For the past six years, no man has made it past a first date with Elizabeth, and to appease the growing concern of her roommate and best friend, Janessa, Elizabeth agrees (after serious coercion) to go on ten dates with Chad, a guy she had a pleasant first date with but didn’t want to continue seeing because he was blonde, friendly, disarming, and earns a living as a high school science teacher (ugh! how totally un-Darcy-like!)

But what will Elizabeth think when she starts to enjoy and look forward to her dates with Chad? What will Elizabeth do when Matt Dawson (a wealthy and arrogant McFayden look-alike) walks into her life?

Is aloof and haughty Mr. Darcy what she really wants? Continue reading »