Apr 082011

When Life Is A Mess… Turn to Jane!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Amazon Vine

Similar to the style of Beth Pattillo and Laurie Viera Rigler, My Jane Austen Summer, debut author Cindy Jones, presents an Austen-inspired contemporary fiction novel that transports an unfortunate and lost heroine to England for an adventure and romance of her very own. Poor Lily Berry has had a recent onslaught of bad luck losing her mother, boyfriend, and job in short succession. Sustaining Lily through these trials is the comfort of Jane Austen’s novels and the companionship of Jane Austen, appearing to Lily in the form of an imaginary yet silent friend. Grasping at an opportunity for a fresh start, Lily decides to travel to England and take part in a Jane Austen literature festival. Unfortunately, Lily’s streak of bad luck follows her to England and Lily discovers, the hard way, that you can’t run away from your life.

Working for the Jane Austen literature festival doesn’t turn out quite like Lily expected. Instead of receiving a role in the Mansfield Park reenactment, Lily is given odd jobs like organizing a Jane Austen Regency Tea and labeling envelopes. Instead of connecting with other Janeites on their love for Jane Austen, Lily bunks with a sloppy non-Austen-loving roommate that steals her things. Instead of delving into Jane Austen’s genius and artistry, Lily encounters directors who want to radically interpret Mansfield Park. Continue reading »