Nov 092015

Unleashing Mr. DarcyDogs + Darcy + England = No Brainer!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Mom

Because of an unpleasant encounter that has forced her into a “temporary administrative leave,” Elizabeth Scott is wary of all men…especially men with money. Because men with money have power – and oftentimes will use their money and power in unethical and self-serving ways. When Elizabeth crosses paths with Donovan Darcy, an incredibly gorgeous dog show breeder judge, she immediately decides that he is arrogant, rude, entitled, and definitely someone she would do best to avoid. However, Elizabeth keeps encountering the sexy, brooding Mr. Darcy…and as fate would have it, she finds herself temporarily living in the same neighborhood as him. So much for avoiding the man…

Underneath their contentious first encounter and mistaken assumptions, there are sparks and a copious amount of super-charged tension between Elizabeth and Donovan. While they might be constantly crossing verbal swords, Donovan cannot help but feel attracted to Elizabeth and marvel at the fact that she doesn’t seem to be pursuing him for his money. And even though she feels the chasm between them to great to cross, Elizabeth finds herself falling for Donovan’s caring nature and knack for knowing how to make her happy. What happens when the media learns of Mr. Darcy’s new love interest? Will Elizabeth be able to let go of her preconceived notions and mistrust of all wealthy men? Continue reading »