Oct 292011
Secrets, Scandals, and Surprises

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Out of all Jane Austen’s novels, Sense and Sensibility is the one I most long to read sequels for! Not because it is my favorite Austen novel, that honor is shared between Pride and Prejudice and Emma. But because I feel a little uncertain about everyone’s happy endings and desirous of seeing evidence of it for myself. I want to see if Marianne is passionately in love with Brandon, if Elinor, after being put through such trials, has found the contentment she deserves, and if Margaret has more sense or more sensibility. And let’s not forget about Mrs. Dashwood! How does she get on in Barton Cottage with an empty nest?

I was most pleased to discover that Rebecca Ann Collins’ sequel, which picks up after seven years after the end of Sense and Sensibility, continues the stories of all FOUR Dashwood women! While Marianne and Margaret share center stage, I loved that there were gratifying subplots for Elinor and Mrs. Dashwood in this tale! The subplot for Mrs. Dashwood was a most delightful surprise! Moreover, this sequel includes appearance by all of our old friends: droll Mr. Palmer, jolly Sir John, self-serving and loathsome Robert and Lucy Ferrars, and our favorite romantic rogue, John Willoughby. Continue reading »