Apr 262011

A Pride and Prejudice Variation with a Large Dose of Affection and Romance!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

The Truth About Mr. Darcy is a beautifully romantic variation of Pride and Prejudicethat was originally self-published as Affinity and Affection (a more fitting and attractive title, in my humble opinion) in 2008. In this variation Ms. Adriani alters the scene where Darcy and Wickham first encounter each other in Meryton. Instead of letting Wickham insinuate himself in Elizabeth’s good graces and tell vicious lies, Darcy shares his side of the story first. Instead of maintaining a healthy dislike for Darcy for many months, Elizabeth, after hearing Darcy’s disclosure about George Wickham, experiences a change in her perception. Instead of being happily engaged to Charlotte Lucas, a recently rejected Mr. Collins notices Darcy and Elizabeth’s attraction for each other and takes it upon himself to exact some revenge. Continue reading »