Sep 142015

Pride and Prejudice-Disdain and DeceptionWhat If Mr. Darcy Was Injured Before the Wedding?

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Author

What if, while on his way to Longbourn to visit with his betrothed, Darcy’s horse threw him and he was gravely injured in a horrific accident?

What if Lady Catherine saw Darcy’s extensive injuries and weakened state as an excuse to take control and separate him from Elizabeth?

What if Elizabeth took desperate measures to see her fiancée and ensure herself of his well-being?

Sounds like a pretty interesting premise, doesn’t it? In this Pride and Prejudice variation novella, Denise O’Hara derails these beloved characters from their traditional course a mere two days before their wedding. Poor Darcy and Lizzy! To be so close to their happy marriage! With Darcy unconscious and immobile, their wedding doesn’t take place as planned. And no one dares oppose Lady Catherine when she demands that Darcy be moved to Rosings and declares that no visitors, save Georgiana, will be permitted. But a despondent yet determined Lizzy doesn’t give up hope! She finds a way to be reunited with her beloved even if does involve a bit of disguise and deception… Continue reading »