Jun 072010

A Difficult Decision for Louisa May Alcott

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For a twenty-two year old woman living in the year 1855, the options of what she could do with her life were limited. Besides marrying and raising a family, working as teacher, governess, or seamstress were some of the few acceptable occupations for women. But for Louisa May Alcott, none of these professions enlivened her spirit or ignited her passion like the dream of being a published writer.

The summer of 1855 brought a lot of change to Louisa’s life. Because of her family’s poverty and their father’s unwillingness to find work, both Louisa and her older sister Anna were planning to escape from the arduous and overwrought life of their family. Anna’s plans were more conventional, she hoped to marry and start her own family. But Louisa long ago decided that love and marriage had no place in her life as she was determined to be a writer. In fact, Louisa was planning to depart from her family that very summer, and travel to Boston where she could rent a room and write her stories. What Louisa didn’t count on is meeting a charming young man who would change her resolutions about love and marriage. Continue reading »