Oct 022015

16768728a876767593762525951444341587343Anna Weston – Heroine? I’m Not Sure…

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Purchased

It was with no small amount anticipation and curiosity that I picked up this rare sequel to Jane Austen’s Emma. I believe I first discovered Anna Weston at the sequels review page on the Republic of Pemberley, I must’ve read some favorable reviews to put it on my wish-list, but since that page is no longer posted I cannot be sure.

As we might assume from the title, this tale has more to do with the minor characters from Emma, and more specifically the Weston family and their daughter, Anna Weston. The book blurb (which I did post below since it is not posted on amazon or goodreads) informs that this book is indeed a sequel that features Anna Weston and takes place twenty years after the close of Emma. Continue reading »