Oct 282013

Mr. Darcy, VampyreBeware…Mr. Darcy is Cursed, Tortured, and Immortal

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Source: Paperbackswap

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Sequel, Paranormal

TIME FRAME: Begins the morning of Elizabeth and Darcy’s wedding in October 1802

MAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth Darcy and Mr. Darcy


  • I’m much more into vampires and paranormal novels than I was in 2009 when this novel came out (never read any vampire novels until Dracula, My Love by Syrie James)
  • It is the only Austenesque novel by Amanda Grange I haven’t read.
  • It is October! I’m in the mood for something gothic and dark. Continue reading »
Aug 062012

Please Let This Be the Start of Another Splendid Series!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

In a style similar to Jane Austen’s Lady Susan and the first draft of Sense and Sensibility(Elinor and Marianne), bestselling Austenseque author, Amanda Grange’s newest novel, Dear Mr. Darcy, retells Pride and Prejudice in epistolary form. Want to see what Darcy wrote to his cousins while living at Netherfield? Observe the Bennet sisters’ correspondence with their friends, the Sotherton sisters? Witness the letters sent to and from Mr. and Mrs. Bingley and their children? Amanda Grange enables readers the opportunity to see all this and more in her illuminating and brilliantly executed Dear Mr. Darcy.

What I loved most about this retelling was the numerous and diverse list correspondents readers witness exchanging letters throughout the course of the novel. Besides Elizabeth and Darcy, readers observe the communications between Wickham and his cohorts, Mrs. Bennet and Mrs. Gardiner, Anne de Bourgh and Georgiana Darcy, and Mr. Darcy Senior and his son Fitzwilliam amongst many others. These characters help give a thorough illustration of everything that takes place in Pride and Prejudice by portraying the events through their varied and unique perspectives. After a major event, such as the Netherfield Ball or Lizzy’s refusal of Mr. Collins, it was interesting (and amusing) to see the differing and detailed accounts recorded by several different characters. Continue reading »

Jul 092012

Never Thought I’d See Darcy in Egypt!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Sequel

TIME FRAME: 15 years after the close of Pride and Prejudice

MAIN CHARACTERS: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Elizabeth Darcy, Edward Fitzwilliam (new), Sophia Lucas (new), Paul Inkworthy (new), Sir Matthew Rosen (new)

  • It is Amanda Grange…need more be said?!?
  • I loved the idea of Darcy and Elizabeth doing something so wholly unique.
  • Sourcebooks publishes some fantastic Austenesque literature, and in the past I’ve always done well to trust their judgment.
  • And lastly, I delight in adventure!

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