Jan 152012

Jane Austen Meets “Dear Abby”

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

In the course of your daily life, have you ever stopped and wondered “What Would Jane Do?” When dealing with difficult decisions or in need of some advice, do you ever find yourself wishing you could ask Jane Austen? We all know Jane Austen is intelligent, moral, and observant, and we know that she often dispensed wise counsel and advice to her brothers and nieces, but is she able to help us modern-day heroines who live in the twenty-first century?

Of course she is! Jane Austen is timeless and in this instructive guide/epistolary novel modern-day readers can see how her advice and sensible counsel is always relevant to heroines no matter what era they come from!

Written in a“Dear Abby” format, Patrice Hannon creates a novel where Jane Austen (writing from her home in Chawton Cottage in 1816) can some how exchange correspondence with readers in the twenty-first century. There are ten chapters in this novel, each with its own theme (i.e. family, friends, heroes, sex, marriage, money). In each chapter there are between one and five different exchanges of correspondence.

I thought this book was just terrific! The heroine’s have problems such as: fair weather friends, dysfunctional families, being attracted to bad boys, feeling their looks were too plain, and of course wondering if they’ve found the right mate. Issues with which many readers can relate to and understand. I loved Jane Austen’s wise advice, it wasn’t antiquated or irrelevant. Patrice Hannon did a remarkable job of blending Jane Austen’s acerbic wit with instructive counsel. Making Jane Austen’s responses not only helpful but entertaining as well. Continue reading »