Nov 202010

A Bespelling and Bewitching Jane Austen Paranormal Love-Fest!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Amazon Vine

It is evident that Jane Austen and the paranormal genre make an inspiring and intriguing combination. In the last two years at least a dozen or so Jane Austen/Paranormal novels have been published, and the trend doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon! Bespelling Jane Austen is a four novella anthology written by four diverse and skilled authors. Each novella infuses different elements of the supernatural world and is around 80-110 pages in length. These authors did a magnificent job of remaining true to the important themes and characters of the original novels, and I was greatly impressed with how they were able to condense and combine various plot events to fit into the framework of a novella.

Almost Persuaded – Mary Balogh (reincarnation)

In Mary Balogh’s variation on Persuasion Jane Everett (Anne Elliot) and Captain Mitford (Wentworth) are destined soul mates that have lived, loved, and lost many past lives with each other. For various reasons Jane and Captain Mitford have never been able to fulfill their destiny and spend eternity together. Will this lifetime be the time they succeed?

I usually love heartrending, romantic Persuasion-esque tales, but this one didn’t really captivate me. It was sort of bland and the romance felt underdeveloped. It felt like Jane and Captain Mitford didn’t fall in love with each other, but merely felt that they were “destined” to love each other. (3 stars) Continue reading »

Sep 172010

Our Jane Can Bite!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source:  Review Copy from Publisher

While attending the Basingstoke Assembly with her dear sister Cassandra and good friend Catherine Bigg, Jane Austen encounters a fascinating and mysterious group of men and women from London. These people are impeccably dressed and exceedingly attractive, yet do not possess a reflection. Jane discerns that these guests are members of The Damned. One of these mysterious strangers, Mr. Smith a.k.a William, dances with Jane and after engaging in an energetic debate with her about vampires and immortality decides to turn her into a vampire. Now Jane is hungry for blood, able to hear the thoughts of others, and in possession of superior strength and beauty. What will our beloved authoress do?

Upon discovering that his daughter is a vampire, Mr. Austen decides to travel to Bath and have Jane take the waters in hopes of it curing her from this affliction. Before Jane has a chance to sample the waters, the French armies of Napoleon invade Bath! Jane is faced with multiple dilemmas as her family is now forced to remain in Bath against their will, board French officers, and possibly face the infamous guillotine. Because of Jane’s weakened state and lack of nourishment (blood), she is forced to seek out her own kind, and becomes ensconced in an establishment of vampires.

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