Jul 112014

The Highbury MurdersEmma Knightley’s Deduction and Speculation Powers Are Put to the Test!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Mom 🙂


TIME FRAME: One year after the close of Emma.

MAIN CHARACTERS: The Knightleys, Mr. Woodhouse, The Eltons, Miss Bates, The Churchills, The Westons, Harriet Martin

SYNOPSIS: While there is an abundance of happy marriages and births to celebrate in Highbury, there comes an occasion for sadness and sorrow with the death of old Mrs. Bates. The Churchills arrive in town for the funeral and Emma starts mulling over all the unanswered questions around her – are the Churchills happily married, are the Eltons facing financial difficulty, are there gypsies trespassing near Abbey Mill Farm? Then, unexpectedly (although perhaps not so unexpected for the reader) someone else is found dead. Now there are even more mysteries and intrigues for Emma and her husband to solve… Continue reading »