Aug 272014

Pen and PrejudiceA Neurotic, Bridget Jones-like Writer vs. The Illustrious and Arrogant Head of Pemberley Publishing!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

Our heroine, Lizzie Mansfield, single mother of two, former pastry chef, and ardent Janeite, spends her days earning a living as a legal secretary and her nights writing cooking mysteries about a pastry chef who solves crimes in San Francisco. Maintaining two jobs while shouldering the responsibilities of two children makes for a very stressful, eventful, and hectic life. To support her writing career, Lizzie attends several mystery conferences a year. Always in attendance with her at these conferences is her dear friend, Janie Eston, who also works as a legal secretary and writes brilliant historical mysteries for Longbourne Books.

Also attending the mystery conference circuit is William Pemberley, publisher and executive editor of Pemberley Publishing – who is well-known for being wealthy, intelligent, sought after, and of course, arrogant. Through his blog he has made it quite clear how much he despises cooking mysteries and neon orange covers (guess whose book he is insulting with this?) Joining William is his newly published star, Charles Netherfield, who as expected, is immediately interested and attracted to Janie Eston, bringing the four characters frequently together. Continue reading »