Apr 102019

One of Jane Austen’s Most Happily Married Couples!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Purchased

TYPE OF NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Prequel

TIME FRAME: Begins around thirteen years before Pride and Prejudice

SYNOPSIS: What circumstances brought Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner together? Was it love-at-first sight, a marriage that grew into love, or did they experience their own rocky road to a happy understanding? Perhaps it begins with Mr. Gardiner joining his brother by marriage as he travels north on family business… Accompanying the two men on this expedition are the two eldest Bennet daughters – Jane (age eight), and Elizabeth (age seven). But due to one of the sisters falling ill, the journey north is unexpectedly paused in the city of Lambton… Continue reading »

Apr 082019

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you enjoyed a lovely and restful weekend! I’m excited to welcome a debut author to Austenesque Reviews today! If you haven’t already met him, Marley Fulton is a new Austenesque author that just released a Pride and Prejudice variation – In A More Amiable Light! Marley is here today to meet all you lovely readers and share an excerpt from his new novella!

Dear Meredith, Thanks so much for having me – I am honored to visit your excellent blog and to introduce myself to your lovely readers. I will start by revealing a few details about me.

My name is Marley Fulton, I am 34, and I am spending my life between business and pleasure… Business is my job – I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, and I work in an International Pharma company.

Happiness is my family (my wife and my beautiful daughter) and my hobbies – and this is a subject on which I will talk a little more 🙂

I have spent my youth practicing all kinds of sports, but one has brought me enormous satisfaction because I have come to my country’s national football team. I am still doing it – as a hobby – and, although I enjoyed reading, I never imagined I would one day started to write – and even less so Jane Austen inspired stories! Continue reading »

Apr 072019

Happy weekend, friends! I hope you are enjoying a lovely first week of April! 🌷

I am spending the weekend in New York with my cousin and last night we saw the 2Cellos in concert. 🎶

A few weeks back we had the lovely Leigh Dreyer stop by for a visit and share an adorable excerpt from her newest release –  The Flight Path Less Traveled. 📖 We loved seeing the sweet interaction between Elizabeth and Darcy. 🥰

We are so excited about this new release and are thrilled to see how many readers have read (or want to read) The Best Laid Flight Plans and The Flight Path Less Traveled! 🤗 Thank you so much, Leigh, for your visit and for generously sponsoring a lovely giveaway prize!

My dear readers, thank you so much for your kind words for Leigh and your participation in this giveaway!! Continue reading »