Apr 162018

Howdy friends!  Hope you are enjoying a lovely Monday so far!  Today I’m very excited to welcome back author Rose Fairbanks, who is at the moment celebrating her newest release – The Secrets of Pemberley!  Today Rose is showing us her hidden talent as an actress as she channels Elizabeth Bennet expressing her thoughts in her diary!  We hope you enjoy! 

Thanks so much for hosting me, Meredith! The Secrets of Pemberley is told entirely from Mr. Darcy’s perspective. In the book, Elizabeth’s diary becomes important, and as a long-time fan of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, I decided to do video entries for each of diary entry I’ll be sharing on the blog tour. I hope you enjoy as we get a bit of insight on what Elizabeth Bennet felt after Darcy’s worst nightmare comes true.

#1 — After the proposal
#2 — After the Letter
#3 — Meeting Darcy in London
#4 — Shopping with the Darcys
#5 — Elizabeth meets Lady Aurora
#6 — After the ball

Vignette: Outtake, Elizabeth Bennet’s Diary #7 Fearless

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Oct 102016

sufficient-encouragementWhat If Elizabeth Knew Darcy Admired Her Fine Eyes?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation

TIME FRAME: Begins with Jane’s and Elizabeth’s stay at Netherfield


While escaping the confines of Netherfield for a walk, Elizabeth accidentally overhears Miss Bingley teasing Mr. Darcy about his admiration of Elizabeth’s “fine eyes” and supposed “marriage.” While Elizabeth doesn’t believe Mr. Darcy has any serious intentions towards her, she knows what kind of influence he has with Mr. Bingley and determines that it would be best for her to “play nice” with her sister’s suitor’s best friend… Continue reading »

Apr 202016


I am very excited to welcome Rose Fairbanks, author of several Pride and Prejudice variations including No Cause to Repine, A Sense of Obligation, and her latest – Sufficient Encouragement to Austenesque Reviews today! For the last couple of years I’ve enjoyed reading Rose’s stories, having her appear as a guest on my blog, and being Facebook friends with her. Thank you to Rose for so kindly agreeing to this interview!

Thanks so much for having me again! It’s always a pleasure being on your blog!Rose fairbanks

How about we start by talking about your stories. You’ve written many Pride and Prejudice variations both in short and long works. What inspires you to write Pride and Prejudice variations? How do you come up with so many unique ideas?

I’ve loved Pride and Prejudice since my very first reading of it in high school. In college I constantly bemoaned Austen’s early death and always wondered what a sequel for her characters would be like. My favorite professor actually suggested JAFF to me, but at the time I turned my nose up at it. It took a few more years for me to try it and discover there were some amazing stories written by people who needed more of Austen, just like me! Curiously enough, although I started asking for sequels, I love reading and writing variations. I get most of my ideas simply from the original. I think “what would happen if I changed this?” Continue reading »