Jan 232015

Foundation of LoveProphetic Images Link the Past and Future for Two Couples

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Modern-day Adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Fantasy

TIME FRAME: Modern-day over the course of 3-4 years

MAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth Bennett, William Darcy, Richard Fitzwilliam, Jane Bennett, Georgiana Darcy, George Wickham, Anne de Bourgh, Charles Bingley, Dan King

SYNOPSIS: Strange things happen when Elizabeth finds a 200-year-old letter addressed to her from a possible ancestor who bears the same name as her. At random and unpredictable times images that foretell the future are mysteriously being sent to her phone. Not readily believing in magic and gypsy blessings, Elizabeth tries to rationalize the images as some sort of prank and searches for a reasonable explanation. But when the image of one of her roommates in trouble proves true, she then realizes the gypsy magic and blessing is very real… Continue reading »

Jan 212015

Author Interview2

Hi Wendi! Thank you so much for stopping by Austenesque Reviews for a little tête-à-tête! I greatly enjoyed reading your latest release, Foundation of Love (The Gypsy Blessing #2), and I’m so glad to have this opportunity to chat with you about your novels, Jane Austen, and gypsy blessings! How about we begin by talking about what was the inspiration behind The Gypsy Blessing series. I understand that the premise for this modern-day story came to you from a writing prompt?

644382_458693530852395_1197191493_nIt’s such a pleasure to be here, Meredith. Thank you!

When I’m experiencing writer’s block, I search the web for prompts that might get my creative juices flowing. That’s exactly what happened while I was revising Dreams & Expectations and writing All Hollow’s Eve back in April of 2011. I found three prompts that seemed to click together: your camera has images on it that you haven’t taken; write about an ancient gypsy curse; you find a treasure in your attic. Continue reading »

Jan 052015

Austenesque Agenda

Happy 2015 dear Austenesque friends!  I hope the new year is treating you very well and that your holidays were filled with happiness, joy, and love!  We had a very quiet and calm holiday over here.  Mr. Bingley and I stayed home and spent our time together enjoying various pursuits:

We celebrated the new release of The Hobbit:  The Battle for the Five Armies with Hobbit re-watching parties and seeing the movie in the theatre with friends.  We give it two thumbs up – I adore Bilbo, the dwarves, and the elves!  Sad the trilogy is over though!

IMG_5717 IMG_5904

We assembled one of Mr. Bingley’s Christmas presents (from last year!) and now have a set of Star Trek: The Next Generation clothespin doll ornaments! Continue reading »