Aug 022017

Not My Favorite YA Austenesque

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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The Dashwood sisters are having a bad year – first their dad divorces their mom (leaving her broken-hearted) and marries another woman, Pandora (a self-absorbed nightmare that spends their dad’s money and makes him change everything about himself). Then, their dad suddenly and tragically passes away from a stress-induced heart attack. But that isn’t all…Mr. Dashwood was stressed because of some heavy financial losses, and now all he left his family with are his debts. Due to the legalities of their father’s will and recent business transactions the Dashwood sisters are forced to leave their ancestral home, school, and friends to relocate to an available cottage far from all they knew and loved.

But the sisters have some distractions in the love department to help them cope with these new changes. Ellie, who is never really one to have crushes, finds herself drawn to her step-mom’s artsy and kind nephew, Blake (Edward). Abby seems to have caught the eye of two guys in her new village and finds herself in a bit of a double love triangle. And although Georgie would much rather go on thrilling adventures and ride her skateboard, she finds that having boys interested in her as a girl may not be so bad after all… Continue reading »

Apr 112016

Sense and Sensibility AmishA Wunderbar Homage to Jane Austen!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Sarah Price, best-selling and popular author of over 30 novels, has just released her latest novel in The Amish Classics Series – a series that comprises of Amish retellings of Jane Austen’s novels (and possibly others). The previous books in this series include:

In her fourth book of The Amish Classics Series, Sarah Price retells the story of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility in a present-day Amish community. With sons inheriting farms, strict courtships practices, and an emphasis on a rural and simple lifestyle, it is easy to see how much is in common between the Amish culture and Jane Austen’s time. In this retelling, readers meetthe Detweiler sisters who must leave their home farm after their father’s death and adjust to life in a smaller cottage in a new community. While making some new acquaintances, both Eleanor and Mary Anne fall in love, but one does so quietly and privately while the other does it openly and unreservedly… Continue reading »

Feb 172016


Hi readers!  I’m so happy to welcome back author Sarah Price to Austenesque Reviews today, who is gearing up to release her fourth adaptation of a Jane Austen novel!  For those of you who Sarah-Pricedon’t know, Sarah’s books are Amish-inspired retellings of Jane Austen novels, and her fourth book, Sense and Sensibility, is due out March 1st!  I love that there are now four books in this series! Woot!  I hope you enjoy Sarah’s post on the similarities of courtship between the Regency Time period and the Amish community!

Eh. Just eh…

How do you approach romance: with a practical attitude of maintaining privacy or an emotional display of shouting it from the nearest rooftop?

The other morning, on my daily video blog, I asked my viewers that very question.

Any Jane Austen fan will immediately suspect that Elinor and Marianne from Sense & Sensibility are lurking somewhere in the dark corners of my mind (and yes, I know brains are not square but I like the idea of corners hiding these thoughts!).

They’d be right. Continue reading »