Dec 092016

Family PortraitsA Riveting Sequel with Our Dearest Friends!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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(Note: This is a sequel to Pamela Lynne’s Pride and Prejudice variation, Dearest Friends, and it is recommended you read that story prior to reading this one.)

In Dearest Friends, Pamela Lynne shows readers what happens when Darcy and Elizabeth lose the trust, friendship, and support of those closest to them. Darcy and Elizabeth are hurt badly by the betrayal and selfishness actions of those they love, but by chance become reacquainted in London and find friendship, compassion, and something infinitely more dear…true happiness and marital bliss!

And some of Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s friends and family members find happiness in marriage as well. But some do not. One couple is forced to go their separate ways (even though both are in love and wish to marry each other!) and another finds themselves living in an unhappy marriage filled with marital strife and misery. It is these two couples we spend the most time with in Family Portraits. But similar to Dearest Friends, this story includes a large cast with many subplots and switching of storylines. Both books are a rather encompassing and epic family saga! Continue reading »

Sep 142016


Hello, dear readers!  I am very excited to welcome back author Pamela Lynne to Austenesque Reviews today! Pamela is here to celebrate the release of Family Portraits – a sequel to first fantastic Pride and Prejudice variation, Dearest Friends, which I was a big fan of (you can read all about it HERE!)   I’m so happy to have Pamela come visit and share more about one of my favorite original characters, Sebastian Fitzwilliam! 

Sebastian Fitzwilliam—Your Next Book Boyfriend

Hello, dear friends! I cannot believe it has been a year since my guest post here about Sketching Character. Thank you for hosting me again, Meredith. I always love visiting Austenesque Reviews as both an author and a reader. Today, I bring a special character with me.

Those who read Dearest Friends know that although Darcy was our leading man, he shared Dearest Friendsthe stage with other strong male characters, most notably his cousin, Sebastian Fitzwilliam. The viscount’s selfish and rakish behavior caused distress early in the novel, but as the story progressed, his true character was exposed. He is the best of men, and, in my opinion, makes a great book boyfriend. Here’s why.

  1. He is always willing to provide encouragement and help in his family’s time of need.

Have courage, Brother. I know you shall conquer this fearsome new foe that Darcy has laid in your path. If you need reinforcements, then I will happily send Mother to help slay the dragon. To be clear, I am speaking of Miss Lydia, although I am sure I have seen our aunt breathe fire on occasion. Continue reading »

Sep 052016


Happy September, friends!  I can’t believe we are already in a new month and that summer is winding to a close!  Hopefully it will still be summer like weather here in North Carolina!  I’m not ready to say goodbye!

So how did we spend our last days of August?

By exploring a new city – Charleston, South Carolina!

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