Feb 162018

What If Mr. Darcy Disappeared the Day Before Lydia’s Wedding?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation

TIME FRAME: Begins the day before Wickham marries Lydia

SYNOPSIS: Just at the pivotal moment where Mr. Darcy begins to hope that all is not lost between him and Elizabeth Bennet, he is taken from London and presumed missing. What becomes of Lydia and Wickham – do they still marry? What about Georgiana and Pemberley – who will take care and guard both from greedy opportunists? What about Elizabeth Bennet – will she ever move on and forgive herself? But perhaps the most pressing question needing to be answered is who has taken Mr. Darcy and what do they want from him… Continue reading »

Oct 062017


Hello friends!  Happy October to you!  Does it feel like Autumn where you are?

It started to feel a little cooler here October 1st!  I don’t think I’ll be venturing to the beach that much now.  No worries!  For those of you that remember my summer goal I set myself of bringing 20 different books to the beach!  I was able to complete it!  Just in time!  My last beach visit was on September 21st!

Here is the proof! (not in order)

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Oct 022017

Hi readers!  I was very excited to welcome author Nicole Clarkston to Austenesque Reviews to celebrate and chat about her new release These Dreams.  But sadly, it looks like Nicole is unable to make it today due to a tragic coffee shortage in her house.  However, the good news is that one of the characters from her new story is available to take her place in our interview!  And so, please help me welcome Mrs. Lydia Wickham to Austenesque Reviews.

Meredith:  Hello, Mrs. Wickham, it is so lovely to meet you.  Thank you so much for agreeing to this tête-à-tête!

Lydia: Oh, laws, I would not have missed it! This creme pastry is simply divine!

Meredith:  I believe my first order of business is to congratulate you on your recent marriage and ask how married life is treating you?

Lydia: (Swallows her pastry before answering.) Well, it was a good deal better before I was married, if you must know. It seems my husband has slipped his leash, but he did leave me a charming remembrance of himself. (Pats her belly.) Continue reading »